The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Assessment is a high impact service provided by Windows Management Experts, Inc. that examines your existing architecture, performs an in-depth analysis and provides actionable recommendations for ongoing GDPR compliance.

Protecting personal data is at the center of the GDPR initiative. Personal data is defined very broadly under the GDPR. In fact, any data that relates to any EU resident, be they personally identified or identifiable, would be considered “personal data” under GDPR.


  1. DISCOVERY Windows Management Exports will perform file-level security and risk assessments, locate relevant personal data, and develop a plan to achieve and maintain compliance. This may include such things as database record sampling, reviewing embedded file metadata, or video archived CCTV video.
  2. MANAGEMENT Work with your team to develop, implement, and manage scalable compliance plans by recommending appropriate policies for design, configuration, and monitoring for your data and applications.
  3. PROTECTION Monitor, analyze and act on threat intelligence gathered and user behavior observed during the Discovery and Management phases. Then, use this information to help effectively address vulnerabilities and breaches.
  4. REPORTING Windows Management Exports can offer administrative services to help your organization meet the ongoing requirements and obligations under the GDPR and offer assistance as needed so you can respond expediently to data requests.

You can read more extensive details related to the GDPR requirements from the UK Information Commissioners Office website here:

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