WME, as a part of our services, offer an efficient, cost-effective solution to intermittent staffing needs.

If your contingent workforce fluctuates substantially between peak and off-seasons, hiring additional professionals to manage the increased workload might not be cost-effective. However, overworking your existing staff also creates risks and financial burdens, ranging from rising rates or burnout to increased payroll costs for overtime. For supplemental staffing needs, WME can assist at multiple levels.

  • Customer selected resources – Staffing resources you and your team have screened and determined a great fit for temporary work. You can easily then refer that resource for onboarding to WME. This service is the most cost-effective and each hire is a simple hourly pass-through flat rate as a percentage of hourly rate offered.
  • Staffing resources that you may want to work with prior to making a longer-term hiring decision. This is a great way to pass a resource you have selected with the intent of converting to a full-time employee after a set period of probationary time. This is often referred to as “try before you buy” for both the customer and the resource. This allows each party to make a decision based on real life within your environment and it allows you to see how the resource performs and responds to your culture.
  • Staffing resources that are screened and onboarded through WME. Rely on our recruiting team to identify and onboard resources to assist with temporary needs.

Onboarding new resources to meet the demands or your expanding business can be incredibly taxing, especially if you need to significantly supplement your workforce in a short period. This is another challenge that increases the workload on your internal Recruiting and HR staff and may be difficult to manage for just the time that you need them.

By securing Passthrough services, your internal staff members can focus on other tasks associated with your contingent workers. Passthrough resources that you have determined are a great fit for your current and future needs can easily be onboarded and begin working without a great deal of extra stress on your internal environment. This allows your internal staff to concentrate their efforts on permanent employees, keeping those operations running smoothly throughout the year, and gives you the ability to right-size that department based on the number of core employees you need to maintain year-round.

Let one of our experts guide you in your Staffing plan and answer your questions!

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