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We have been empowering clients with cutting-edge Security & Compliance solutions since 2008. Now, join us for an exclusive webinar on Cloud Security Latest Trends.

🌐 Don't be Phished, Smished or Whaled: Are You Suspect?

During this webinar, we’ll explore trendy topics like cloud transformation strategies, the principle of zero trust, securing hyper-scale public cloud environments, and the art of application modernization through DevSecOps. Join us as we dive deep into real-world cloud security use cases across various industries.

Join us for “🌐 Don’t be Phished, Smished or Whaled: Are You Suspect?“, Tuesday, October 10th at 12:00 PM EST

To speak on this topic, we have invited the esteemed Senior Cloud Security Solutions Data & Development Architect, 👨‍💼Mr. Ken Barnes. He will share his vast knowledge and experience with our valued attendees.

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