Adaxes Workflow Management & Automation

We help you unravel the power of Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365

Get rid of costly data entry and clerical errors

Eliminate overheard across multiple departments 

Reduce offboarding vulnerabilities

Adaxes is a complete solution for managing, administrating, and monitoring Active Directory. It allows you to efficiently handle the creation and removal of user accounts in Active Directory environments. The Adaxes Management & Automation Solution by WME provides state-of-the-art administration experience in Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 environments. We set customized automation rules, approval-based workflows, role-based permissions, data standards enforcements, and much more to any of your existing scenarios or integrations, like HR or payroll systems, that directly interact with AD, Exchange, or Office 365.

Adaxes Services

Seamless Device Distribution

Automatically send notifications to distributors and to employees who are offboarding and communicate on how and where to return the equipment. This eliminates all the emails and manual processes upon employee exit.

Automated Provisioning & User Lifecycles

Get new employees ready to start in no time. You can automate user lifecycles, including onboarding, ongoing management, and offboarding. You can also create custom workflows that jump-start user account provisioning in your directory and linked systems like Exchange, and Microsoft 365.

Streamlined Access Management

Efficiently manage user access rights and permissions with Softerra Adaxes. Say goodbye to manual processes and email chains during employee exits. Trust us to simplify access management and enhance security for your organization, empowering you to focus on core tasks while minimizing administrative overhead.

More to do with Softerra Adaxes

  • Add to Groups
  • Move to Organizational Unit
  • Create Mailbox
  • Create a home folder
  • Assign M365 licenses
  • Send a welcome email
  • Run Script
  • Generate user reports.
  • Manage shared mailboxes
  • Configure password policies
  • Synchronize user data across systems
  • A`te software installations
  • Manage security groups and distribution lists
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Track and audit user activities
  • Configure self-service password reset

Benefits with Adaxes Integration from WME

Streamlined processes for efficient user management

Heightened data security through comprehensive access controls

Compliance adherence with simplified auditing and reporting

Reduced administrative burden through automation and self-service features

Enhanced user satisfaction with improved self-service functionalities

Scalability and flexibility to adapt to organizational growth and changes

Seamless onboarding and offboarding experiences for employees

Actionable insights through rich reporting dashboards

Establishing standards and governance protocols

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Adaxes Integration with HRISs & HCMs.

We build Identity Automation Solutions that are often sourced from the client’s HRIS, driving user lifecycle automation with Active Directory and Azure AD. We use Adaxes to accomplish custom functions in your Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Human Capital Management (HCM). It’s kind of a consolidation of your automation solution. The solutions we build are outside of the HRIS system and use your HRIS system as a source environment.

We can integrate with HRIS/HCM tools like:

  • Workday
  • Bamboo HR
  • UKG
  • ADP Workforce Now
  • ADP Vantage
  • Ceridian Dayforce

Scenarios covering Active Directory challenges we’ve solved for companies

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What clients say about WME’s Adaxes Management & Automation

“I have really liked the use of this product so far and it has helped us to greatly streamline AD management tasks.”
“It’s a godsend. Basically, removes the need of a help desk by giving the tools, training and power to HR.”
“We use this solution and Active Directory management for anything from changing passwords via SMS to creating users, fully automatic. Its documentation and support is fantastic.


Adopting an Approval-Based Workflow system can greatly enhance efficiency by enabling the delegation of tasks to lower-level authorities without compromising security. This approach eases the workload burden for experts and high-value employees, while still maintaining their overall control of the system. The outcome is a more productive and safer work atmosphere and the ability for businesses to effectively allocate resources and concentrate on prioritized matters.

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