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We are committed to offering exceptional Healthcare IT Support. Our specialized IT services in Healthcare are designed to empower your business with top-notch Professional and Managed Healthcare IT Services. Our offerings are specifically designed for B2B clients, encompassing a wide range of IT-related requirements, including Staffing and Project Management. Ultimately, we ensure comprehensive support and efficiency for your Healthcare Business.

With over 12 years in IT service management, our team specializes in healthcare IT solutions, ensuring over 100 production implementations. Our expertise in healthcare IT services is backed by 100 years of combined experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, making us adept in meeting the diverse IT services for healthcare institutions. Our hands-on experience in providing IT solutions for healthcare includes successful collaborations with hospitals and health complexes, allowing us to integrate our IT services into healthcare environments seamlessly. Our proficiency in healthcare IT solutions is proven through our services to notable organizations like Sheridan Hospital, New York Psychotherapy Counseling Center (NYPCC), and Aspen Dental Management, among others.

WME’s Healthcare Solutions for Your IT Teams

Identity Management Solutions in Healthcare IT

At WME, we manage users, nursing staff, and medical experts’ records – a crucial task for healthcare institutes. We’re leaders in providing IT services for healthcare, starting with everything that needs to be managed in the shortest possible time. Our healthcare IT support includes customized solutions that offer everything from automated account creation, file server permission updates, and identification of inactive accounts to bulk password reset and clean-up of outgoing batch accounts.

Help Desk and Asset Monitoring

As staff strength grows each year, tasks like handling support issues and attending to service requests become increasingly complex. WME’s healthcare IT services help streamline service workflows, create custom workflows to manage changes, automate mundane tasks, and provide an integrated self-service portal, making us a preferred provider of IT solutions for healthcare.

Endpoint Management for Healthcare IT

With the growing influx of users, healthcare institutes feel an intense need to manage the increasing number of endpoints in hospitals or labs. Our IT services in healthcare provide your health business with a unified endpoint management solution that ensures productivity and safety, including policy implementation. WME’s services enable dependable remote control, troubleshooting, bulk software installations, and automation of routine management tasks.

Network Infrastructure & Performance Management

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WME’s network and application management solutions ensure optimal server and database performance, leading to uninterrupted healthcare delivery, high uptime, and availability of patient and staff portals. We monitor user experience and network configuration changes in real time and provide healthcare IT solutions that ensure the uninterrupted availability of networks and applications with zero downtime.

Data and Device Security

Maintaining the privacy of patients and staff while providing granular levels of security to protect their information from both insider and outsider threats is paramount. WME’s highly customizable data and security solutions in healthcare IT services allow you to leverage open networks and vast amounts of intellectual property. Our experts provide actionable insights to preempt, identify, and mitigate cyberattacks, secure privileged user access, and ensure compliance with regulatory or internal mandates.

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