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Recruiting must be reinvented

HR managers face tough challenges finding candidates at the pace needed today. And with jobs getting more detailed and close-ended, it’s only going to get worse. So, your HR manager needs a helping hand. A trustable hiring partner who can take care of all the hurdles to finding candidates with the right skills and the right work ethic to fit your company’s culture and business model. You need the “hassle-free hiring” experience that only WME provides.

Perhaps we are one of the very few recruitment agencies with their own successful technology practice. Our ongoing experience in today’s tech world gives us unparalleled insights into the skills and knowledge you need not just now but in the coming years. With deep ties to the technology community, we successfully source talent from personal and professional networks that are out of reach for busy HR managers and traditional recruiters. We harness a unique multi-factor screening process to evaluate candidates’ experience, knowledge, and culture fit, eliminating the multi-interview cycles companies normally go through and that often delay onboarding.

—Matt Tinney

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