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WME Cybersecurity Briefings No. 006

Critical Update on FISA Section 702 Reauthorization


The expiration date of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is near. So, Congress is looking to reauthorize crucial US spy programs. The provision is certainly vital for national security, allowing the govt. to collect foreign communications without a warrant. However, as expected, the development has sparked debate over privacy concerns.


Section 702’s reauthorization has sparked a heated debate in Congress, with two main bills proposing different paths forward. The House Judiciary Committee’s bill introduces a warrant requirement for accessing Americans’ information. They aspire to balance national security needs with privacy rights. Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee’s proposed bill doesn’t require any stringent approvals.


The differing approaches underline the complex interplay between ensuring national security and protecting individual privacy rights.
So, it’s crucial for stakeholders to understand the implications of each proposed bill. Organizations concerned with privacy ethics should particularly note the evolving requirements for warrantless searches.

Important Security Notice: Vulnerability in Rust’s liblzma-sys Crate


  • A critical vulnerability has been disclosed in the liblzma-sys crate. This Rust ecosystem library handles LZMA compression.
  • This crate is widely incorporated in various data compression projects, particularly in apps that handle large data sets.
  • The flaw was disclosed following an anonymous tip-off to Rust’s security audit team.


  • The vulnerability allows the execution of arbitrary code via specially crafted compressed files. Attackers can use this to gain control systems processing affected files.
  • The bug affects liblzma-sys versions up to 0.1.16.
  • As Rust is commonly used in security-sensitive environments, the potential impact is considerable. It affects data integrity and system security across multiple platforms and apps.


  • Immediate action is recommended. Users should upgrade to version 0.1.17.
  • Developers relying on crates that indirectly depend on liblzma-sys should ensure their dependencies are updated.
  • As a general security practice, implement robust input validation to filter out unsanitized input files.

New Command-and-Control Tactics by Iranian MuddyWater Group


  • The Iranian cyber-espionage group MuddyWater has shifted tactics. The group is associated with Iranian state interests and has been actively updating its command-and-control (C2) infrastructure.
  • MuddyWater is now employing new methods to manage its network of compromised systems.


  • The new C2 tactics involve the use of legitimate web services as a front. So, it makes it harder for traditional security tools to spot them.
  • MuddyWater is quite likely to maintain persistence and control over a wider array of victim networks.
  • The enhanced C2 capabilities could lead to more effective dissemination of malware.


  • Update detection tools to detect the use of legitimate services for malicious communications.
  • Educate staff about phishing and other malicious tactics.

Conduct frequent security audits and reviews to mitigate any signs of compromise early.

Zero-Day Vulnerability in Palo Alto Firewall Devices


A critical zero-day vulnerability discovered in their Networks, affecting the PAN-OS software. The flaw allows attackers to bypass security measures and execute unauthorized code.


  • Exploitation of this flaw can lead to complete system compromise with admin privileges.
  • Affected devices could allow attackers to disrupt network operations.
  • The vulnerability is especially concerning for enterprises that utilize these firewall devices.


  • Palo Alto Networks has not yet released a patch, but interim security measures have been suggested:
    • Immediately isolate traffic to and from devices running the PAN-OS versions.
    • Implement strict access controls and review system logs.

Prepare for a patch application. Schedule maintenance windows and inform stakeholders.

Covert Credit Card Skimmer Masquerading as Analytics Service


  • A credit card skimmer is disguising itself as a legit website analytics service.
  • It’s a deceptive technique injecting malicious JavaScript code into e-com solutions, and appears harmless.
  • The skimmer specifically targets checkout pages to steal personal/payment info from unsuspecting users.


  • The skimmer intercepts card details and other personal info during the checkout.
  • The stolen data includes credit card numbers details. That means, a problem for consumers in the true sense.
  • The presence of the skimmer is challenging to detect because it mimics legit scripts.
  • The campaign has already affected numerous online shopping sites.


  • Verify all third-party scripts running on your sites, especially those linked to data collection on checkout pages.
  • Implement Content Security Policy (CSP) headers to validate script loading.
  • Patch all software components of your e-com platform.
  • Conduct regular security audits of the codebase.

Educate your consumers about the importance of financial statement monitoring.

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