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Security Evaluation, Maturity, and Implementation

Client Industry: Engineering

Client Environment: Microsoft 365 and Azure

The Problem/Opportunity

  • The customer requested a security scan and evaluation of their entire infrastructure.
  • They wanted us to implement the scan/ evaluation results to secure their system.
  • They required us to provide Intune-related services enrolling their devices.
  • The customer also asked us to assess the potential damage of a security breach of a user’s account right before they requested the evaluation.
  • As they were receiving tremendous spam, ransomware, and phishing attacks, WME had to remediate the whole security vulnerability and restore the environment to an absolutely safe state.

The WME Solution

  • We identified all the exploitations, quickly remediated all the vulnerabilities, and secured the whole environment to increase the Maturity level by two.
  • We also provided some high-level support for the organization’s staff while transforming their products.
  • Using Business Cloud Integration, we designed and deployed Microsoft Security tools and Property tools to allow for quick automation of the platform and migration of the data wherever required.
  • We also provided recommendations to cut costs for the client’s security measures.

The Steps & Approach We Adopted:

  • We Provided a Cyber Security Evaluation: This particular approach was necessary to identify security risks in the client’s whole environment. This information was automatically provided as a Segway to prioritize security investments and improve the organization’s security posture.
  • We assisted with providing an updated organization’s maturity level: This metric was used to identify areas where security improvements and continuous monitoring were needed. This information was used to develop and implement a security improvement plan and strategy to automate WME tools.
  • Preventing Future Cyberattacks: The implementation of security was defined to help to protect the client organization from cyberattacks. This includes implementing security policies and procedures, implementing security controls, and training employees on security procedures.

The Final Outcome

The client was 100% satisfied with the results we provided. We improved the customer’s Overall Compliance Score from 21% to 99%, and their Identity score to 100%.

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