Experts Well-versed with the Cybersecurity & Compliance Regulations

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When it comes to Security & Compliance regulations, the professionals we source have expertise in a wide range of industry standards and regulations. Here are some of the key regulations and frameworks that our expert professionals are proficient in:

Let’s Dive Deeper into Cybersecurity &
Compliance Regulations

CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)

CMMC is a framework established by the U.S. Department of Defense to enhance the cybersecurity posture of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Our skilled professionals can assist you in understanding and implementing the necessary practices and controls to achieve compliance with CMMC requirements, enabling you to participate in defense contracts and contribute to national security.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Healthcare organizations must adhere to HIPAA regulations to ensure the privacy and security of patients’ protected health information (PHI). Our experts are well-versed in HIPAA’s administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. They can help you develop robust security protocols, conduct risk assessments, and train your staff to ensure compliance, enabling you to maintain the trust of patients and avoid costly penalties.

ISO 27001 (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS). By partnering with our professionals, you can establish a comprehensive ISMS tailored to your organization’s needs, identify, and mitigate security risks, and demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding sensitive data to clients and stakeholders.


We understand the complex regulatory landscape in the healthcare industry. Our team can assist you in navigating the intricacies of HIPAA, HITRUST, MACRA, and MIPS. By leveraging the expertise of our professionals, you can ensure that your organization meets the necessary compliance requirements, protects patient data, and maximizes reimbursement opportunities.

NYDFS (New York Department of Financial Services)

The NYDFS cybersecurity regulation sets forth stringent requirements for financial institutions operating in New York. Our professionals are well-acquainted with these regulations and can help you develop comprehensive cybersecurity programs, conduct risk assessments, and establish robust incident response plans, ensuring your compliance with NYDFS requirements.

NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection)

Electric utility companies face unique challenges in securing critical infrastructure. Our experts specialize in NERC CIP requirements and can assist you in implementing the necessary controls to protect your systems, detect potential threats, and maintain the reliability of the electrical grid.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

As the most comprehensive data protection regulation to date, GDPR applies to organizations handling the personal data of EU citizens. Our experts can guide you through the process of ensuring GDPR compliance, including data mapping, consent management, privacy impact assessments, and the appointment of a data protection officer, allowing you to operate with confidence in the global marketplace.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

For businesses handling payment card information, PCI DSS compliance is essential to protect customer data and maintain trust. Our professionals can assist you in implementing the necessary security controls, conducting regular audits, and achieving PCI DSS compliance, helping you safeguard sensitive payment information and prevent potential breaches.

SOC (Service Organization Control)

It’s a set of auditing standards designed to evaluate and report on the controls and processes of service organizations. SOC reports are typically used by customers and stakeholders to gain assurance about the effectiveness of their security controls. We find security & compliance experts who can assist companies with SOC compliance by conducting a thorough assessment of their controls and processes to identify any gaps or weaknesses that need to be addressed. Ultimately, they can help improve the controls and processes to meet the requirements of the SOC standards.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO provides guidelines and best practices for companies to improve their operations, ensure safety, and enhance the quality of their products and services. One of the most important ISO standards is ISO 9001, which provides guidelines for quality management systems. Compliance with ISO can help a company to enhance customer satisfaction, improve product and service quality, and increase efficiency. Our professionals are well-versed with all the necessary tools and expertise to implement ISO standards. They can help companies to identify areas of improvement, develop quality management systems, and ensure that the systems are properly implemented and maintained.

CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act)

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a crucial regulation aimed at protecting the privacy of California residents in the digital age. Our sourced experts at WME are well-versed in CCPA compliance, ensuring that your business understands and meets the requirements of this law. With our expertise, we can assist you in implementing effective privacy measures, handling consumer data responsibly, and maintaining transparency, helping you build trust with your customers while avoiding potential penalties.


For organizations operating in the public sector, achieving compliance with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and State Risk and Authorization Management Program (StateRAMP) is essential. Our professionals are well-versed in the specific requirements of these programs and can help your organization navigate the compliance process efficiently.


The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) establishes cybersecurity requirements for federal agencies and their contractors. Our experts can guide you through FISMA compliance, ensuring that your organization meets the necessary controls and safeguards to protect federal information systems and sensitive data.

Here is How Our Cybersecurity & Compliance experts can Help You with these Regulations

Gap Analysis

Conducting gap analysis to identify the areas where your company's current practices fall short of the requirements of these standards

Plan Development

Developing and implementing a plan to bring your company's practices into compliance with these regulations

Training Sessions

Providing training on the requirements of different regulations and standards to your employees

Audit Assistance

• Assisting with the auditing process to ensure that your organization is in compliance with these standards

We help organizations secure their digital assets and maintain a strong security posture in the ever-evolving world of technology. 

Whether you’re looking to deploy Azure Active Directory, implement Azure Information Protection, or enhance your security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, our experts have the skills to source the right candidates for you to guide you every step of the way.

With a diverse candidate pool of over 25,000 highly capable IT experts, WME can quickly and efficiently identify the right security candidates for you. Today’s network continues to expand beyond anything classic LAN and WAN designers ever imagined. With the expansion of ‘enterprise’ to access points ranging from mobile phones to offices in the home, both home and business environments have become incrementally more vulnerable. The situation demands serious security arrangements and, hence, security professionals to take up these challenges. We are here to provide all kinds of digital security experts you need to protect your environments. Whether you’re looking to hire Microsoft, Quest, Citrix, Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or blended solutions experts, we can staff your needs.

We cover the IT talent having the following technical skills

Azure Active Directory (AD) Experts

AD experts are responsible for architectural planning for deployments of Active Directory as part of a Zero Trust security model. Their role includes managing the Azure AD integration including implementation of full identity and access management frameworks. They need experience with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), Azure Privileged Identity Management, Conditional Access, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and Azure Managed Identities among other technologies.

Azure Information Protection (AIP) Experts

AIP experts implement and maintain the cloud-based Azure Security foundation including network security groups (NSGs), application security groups (ASGs), MCAS, Azure Threat Detection (ATP), Azure Information Protection (AIP), Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP), Microsoft Intune mobile device management (MDM), public key infrastructure (PKI) management, security controls, and policies.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Experts

ATP experts must be able to create standards and policies for Azure VPN, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Azure Defender for Kubernetes (AKS), MCAS, Azure Defender (Security Center) integrated with Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows Defender, Microsoft Defender Firewall, and BitLocker.

Blended Solutions Experts

Blended solutions experts are generalists with many years of hands-on experience in various disciplines and provide real value to companies. They should be highly experienced with core technologies from multiple vendors. Usually, they are responsible for fully integrating Microsoft technologies with those from other providers. This could include deploying Linux-based servers to Azure, leveraging MySQL with Internet Information Services (IIS), integrating a Windows Active Directory domain with AWS, or any number of other possibilities.

Security Authentication Architects

Security authentication architects assist with identity governance, administration, provisioning/de-provisioning, role-based access control (RBAC), certification access, reporting, compliance, and regulation. These architects take on projects like migrating identity-related data and applications from Azure’s commercial cloud to Azure’s government cloud. The position often requires experience with Azure GCC High, Azure AD, Azure MFA, and Azure B2B; authentication and SSO (SAML, OAuth, OIDC); customer identity and access management and identity governance and administration. Security Authentication Architects must be able to communicate with stakeholders within the organization at all levels.

Vulnerability Management Coordinator

Vulnerability management coordinators identify, evaluate, treat, and report on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. These professionals combine a clear understanding of cybersecurity concepts and vulnerabilities with strong project management skills. They must be able to recognize security exploits and risks, understand regulatory requirements, prioritize vulnerability remediation properly, and effectively communicate concepts and actions needed to the team. The position requires a sophisticated understanding of the Tenable platform and common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Network Penetration Test Coordinator

Penetration test coordinators proactively work to identify network vulnerabilities and validate security defenses by simulating attacks on the very networks they’re trying to protect. They must have a good understanding of potential threats, familiarity with network architecture, how to execute pentests, evaluate risks based on findings, and determine the effectiveness of remediation to address risks. The position requires a sophisticated understanding of the Tenable platform and common vulnerabilities and exposures.

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