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WME Cybersecurity Briefings No. 011

Kinsing Hacker Group Exploits Docker Vulnerabilities


Recent investigations have shown that the hacker group Kinsing is actively exploiting Docker vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems. The modified hacker group targets misconfigured Docker API ports deployed with cryptocurrency mining malware. Docker is mostly used for containerization, which gives the feasibility to run applications in an isolated environment.


Unauthorized Access: The exploitation grants Kinsing the ability to take over Docker instances, which results in unauthorized access to sensitive data and resources.

Cryptocurrency Mining: When the Docker instance is penetrated, Kinsing drops the malware to mine cryptocurrencies, executing the utilization of system resources and probably causing a lot of performance degradation.

Network Propagation: The malware could spread among other systems within the network, further escalating the security threat.


Make Docker Configurations Secure: Ensure that Docker API ports are not exposed to the internet unless required. Use firewall rules to restrict it.

Update Docker Software: Keep your Docker and its components updated with their latest versions to patch known vulnerabilities.

Monitor Regularly: Docker instances should be monitored continuously i.e. monitor high CPU usage, unexpected network traffic, etc.

Regular Auditing: Perform regular security configuration and access control audits against best practices and organizational policies.

China-Linked Hackers Adopt Two-Stage Espionage Strategy


According to recent reports, the China-linked threat actors have been using a two-pronged approach to targeted espionage that infiltrates sensitive data.

In the first stage, spear-phishing emails are used to gain an initial foothold in targeted systems. Then, a two-stage payload is put in place to exfiltrate data from the compromised system. The espionage has been witnessed targeting government, finance, and critical infrastructure.


  • The two-stage approach makes the exploitation’s success quite likely. The espionage effort has become quite hard to detect.
  • The majority of the initial access is done through spear-phishing, which capitalizes on human weaknesses.
  • The second-stage payload is basically engineered to evade detection. So, hackers can stretch undetected for long periods.
  • Unauthorized access can result in compromised systems with the imminent risk of financial loss escalating.


  • Email security: Advanced filtering in emails and learning phishing detection to identify and block spear-phishing attempts.
  • User training: Regular training on how to detect and report phishing emails and suspicious activity.
  • Monitoring: Increase network and system activities for anomalous behavior that may show the second-stage payload installation.
  • Patch management: Update systems and software frequently to help decrease the attack surface with the latest security patches.
  • Incident response plan: Have an incident response plan developed and refreshed regularly to rapidly respond to possible breaches.

Kimsuky APT Exploiting Update Process to Deploy Linux Backdoor


Kimsuky APT, one of the most notorious cyberespionage groups, has come up with a newly rolled-out Linux backdoor against targets in South Korea.

Based on the earlier known backdoor, the new one, Gomir is written in C++ and works with GoBear. Gomir is capable of remote code execution, file transfer, and communication with the remote server to perform comprehensive activities on the host of the infected system, as required.


  • Gomir is a sophisticated stage backdoor that results in data exfiltration, system manipulation, and eventual lateral movement in the network of the compromised organization.
  • This is one of the prime examples of attackers using software update mechanisms to drop malware.


  • Organizations in South Korea that are on the radar of Kimsuky APT and had been targeted earlier should exercise extremely high vigilance over their networks for any suspicious activity.
  • The system administrator should adopt stringent security practices, which must include software update validation and EDR solutions.
  • Users should be cautious with officially unreleased software updates and only download them from trusted sources.

Cybercriminals Exploiting Microsoft’s Vulnerability for Financial Gain


Cybercriminals have detected a new vulnerability in much-used software by Microsoft, identified in May 2024, allowing unauthorized access to sensitive financial data. The vulnerability affects several software versions by Microsoft, with the higher risks extending to businesses and organizations depending on these types of software for their financial transactions and data.


  • Cybercriminals can use the vulnerability to intercept and manipulate financial data.
  • Unauthorized access might mean extensive financial loss, data breaching, and integrity compromise of financial transactions.
  • The vulnerability will allow an attacker to deploy malware that will eventually lead to further exploitation of the compromised systems.


  • The bug affects software that needs to be updated to the latest versions, for which Microsoft has patches available.
  • Review & implement enhanced levels of cybersecurity protocols.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication to increase the level of security.
  • Monitor financial transactions for any anomalies.
  • Conduct a security audit to ensure that no additional risks are identified.

Keep abreast of the advice given by experts in the field of cybersecurity, as well as other institutions, including CISA, to ensure the best protection against this and other similar threats.

Google Patches Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability


Google has recently patched a zero-day vulnerability for its Chrome browser. The patch for it was released by Google on May 16, 2024, with users advised to update their browsers without delay to nullify the risk.

Affected Versions: All Chrome versions before 112.0.5615.137.

User Data: The vulnerability is really capable of leading to personal or sensitive data leak.


This vulnerability could be misused by potential attackers to run arbitrary code on targeted systems, leading to unauthorized access or other malicious activities.

Potential Exploitation: An attacker could exploit this susceptibility to execute arbitrary code, thereby obtaining control over the affected system.

System Integrity: The unauthorized access could lead to system instability, data breaches, or the further propagation of malware.


Immediate Update: Updating the Chrome browser to version 112.0.5615.137 or over will immediately secure it from the vulnerability.

Verify Browser Version: You can check the browser version by going to Menu > Help > About.

Enable Automatic Updates: Enable this for immediate elimination of possible vulnerabilities.

Keep updating browser versions and stay in touch with the security alerts at Google and other trusted sources.

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WME Cybersecurity Briefings 011

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