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Microsoft NCE Program

Do you know that Microsoft offers free licenses to non-profit and educational organizations? Do you know that you can enjoy massive discounts on the list prices of Microsft licenses if you buy them via a New Commerce Experience (NCE) reseller?

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These options can be a game-changer as they can provide access to essential tools and services without much cost. But here’s the catch:

Many organizations simply head directly to Microsoft and purchase licenses, missing out on the big discounts and the best license choices available via WME’s NCE program. (Previously, CSP licensing program)

Our service is all about making things simple and effective. We’re not just another reseller, we are your partner in smartly managing Microsoft services and costs. This means less headache for you handling the licenses and more time focusing on your business. Ultimately, we make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Just Previously, NCE Was Called CSP LICENSING

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program has evolved into what is now called the New Commerce Experience (NCE).

This change reflects Microsoft’s broader strategy to streamline the licensing journey for partners and customers. They are now aligning it more closely with subscription models common in other industries and competitor models.

There is more flexibility in purchasing options, added ability to mix subscription terms, introduction of Partner Earned Credit (PEC) followed by more operational efficiency and flexibility for cancellations and adjustments.

By offering more choices and flexibility, along with financial incentives for longer-term commitments, Microsoft aims to provide a more cost-effective way for businesses to access its services.

For academic and not-for-profit subscriptions, Microsoft plans to start migrating and renewing legacy CSP subscriptions to NCE in July 2024. This step is part of Microsoft’s broader migration plan, which includes commercial offers and public sector subscriptions such as academic and NFP.

Manual migration is preferred before the 2024 renewal date, particularly for partners and customers looking for a planned approach or those who prefer monthly terms in NCE​.

What was Microsoft CSP?
Cloud Services Provider Program explained

Benefits of the Microsoft NCE Program

Flexible Subscription Options

NCE introduces monthly, 12-month, and 36-month subscriptions. It gives businesses flexibility to choose what best fits their needs.

Simplified Pricing & Billing

The program enables better cost predictability and management through its subscription models and usage-based billing.

More Choices for Customers

The introduction of monthly priced term subscriptions allows for easier adjustments and cancellations. It fosters greater adaptability to evolving business requirements.

More Sales Agility

The NCE allows partners to lock in pricing for the entire term of annual subscriptions. NCE improves sales agility and customer commitment.

Cost Savings for Longer Commitments

NCE rewards longer-term commitments with cost savings. Get better pricing on annual / multi-year plans if you commit for longer periods.

Partner Earned Credit (PEC)

Partners can earn credits for managing customer environments. That means NCE promotes better customer service and better collaboration between partners and clients.

Greater Customer Flexibility

Customers can adjust their subscription levels more easily. They have the ability to mix different subscription terms to accommodate changing business needs.

Streamlined License Management

NCE simplifies license management, reducing complexity and providing a more transparent process for partners and customers alike.

Why Choose WME As Your Microsoft NCE Partner?

Your go-to reseller of Microsoft cloud services via New Customer Experience program.

Cloud Mastery

With a combined experience of 1000+ years, our team of more than 200 experts specializes in deploying Microsoft Business Applications in the Cloud and facilitates the smooth transition from on-premises setups. We boast profound insights into effective cloud practices and potential challenges that empower us to guide our clients along the most streamlined path.

Beyond mere licensing

From business readiness to business acceleration and technical expertise, our services form an integrated support system. This end-to-end support structure enables you to allocate your focus and resources strategically, enabling the growth of your business.


We are your designated partner to assist you in navigating daily challenges and moving forward with licenses. When faced with more foundational questions, engage in a Business Strategy Workshop facilitated by our seasoned professionals. Through a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of your current performance, we craft a roadmap for success, integrating best practices and the latest insights.

Optimal infrastructure

Resilient infrastructure is the cornerstone of operational excellence. We empower you to excel in customer relationships using the complete Microsoft portfolio. Ultimately, we help you leverage tangible benefits for your organization. We save you time, simplify processes, and mitigate any concerns along the way.

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WME is Your Go-To Microsoft NCE Program Partner

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  • Customizable Cloud Solutions
  • Integrated Productivity Tools
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Scalable Growth for Business


What is NCE in Microsoft licensing?

NCE stands for New Commerce Experience. It’s an evolution of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. NCE simplifies purchasing, licensing, and management of Microsoft cloud services.

How does NCE differ from CSP?

NCE offers more flexible subscription options (monthly, annual, tri-annual). Also, it offers a streamlined purchasing process and changes in billing and incentives. Basically, NCE aims to provide clearer and more predictable pricing and simplified management.

What are the benefits of transitioning to NCE?

Benefits include flexible subscription terms, cost savings for longer commitments, simplified pricing and billing, and others.

Can subscriptions be mixed under NCE (e.g., monthly and annual terms)?

Yes, customers can mix subscription terms under NCE. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions that match business needs, including seasonal variations​.

Can I switch between monthly and annual subscriptions in NCE?

Switching from monthly to annual subscriptions is possible, with the next month reflecting the adjusted pricing. Switching from annual to monthly can only be done within the first seven days of purchase or at renewal​.

Is it possible to have multiple Microsoft CSP/NCE providers?

Yes, businesses can purchase services from multiple CSP/NCE providers. However, managing multiple providers can add complexity to service administration and billing.

Can CSP/NCE licenses be transferred between providers or tenants?

Transferring licenses/subscriptions between providers/tenants is subject to specific conditions. Also, it might require canceling/repurchasing subscriptions under the new provider/tenant.

What is a CSP perpetual license, and how does it relate to NCE?

CSP perpetual licenses allow customers to pay a one-time fee for the perpetual use of the software. NCE primarily focuses on subscription-based services. However, certain perpetual options may exist for specific products or through hybrid use benefits.

What are direct and indirect models in CSP/NCE?

In the CSP program, a direct partner bills Microsoft directly and sells to customers. An indirect reseller sells through a distributor (an indirect provider).

In NCE, these models continue, with partners choosing based on their capabilities, scale, and preferences.

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