CSP Licensing

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CSP Licensing

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These options can be a game-changer as they can provide access to essential tools and services without much cost. But here’s the catch: many organizations simply head directly to Microsoft and purchase licenses, missing out on the big discounts and the best license choices available via WME’s CSP licensing program.

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What is CSP? Microsoft Cloud Solution Program explained

Benefits of CSP Licensing

Licensing Flexibility

CSP offers a range of licensing options, including pay-as-you-go and subscription-based models according to changing needs.

Cost Management

The program enables better cost predictability and management through its subscription models and usage-based billing.


You can customize your cloud solutions. Choose from various Microsoft products like Azure, Office 365, and whatnot.

Direct Billing

The CSP program allows partners to bill customers directly. It makes the billing experience more streamlined.

Integration Capabilities

CSP supports integration with existing systems and applications. So, it can facilitate a smoother transition to cloud-based solutions.

Partner Support

You can easily access Microsoft partners who offer additional support, services, and expertise.


The program supports the scaling of services to meet businesses' growing or fluctuating demands.

Security Standards

Microsoft's cloud services within the CSP program adhere to high-security standards, including compliance with a variety of regulations.

Why Choose WME As Your CSP Reseller?

Your go-to reseller of Microsoft cloud services provider licenses prioritizing your needs.

Cloud Mastery

With a combined experience of 1000+ years, our team of more than 200 experts specializes in deploying Microsoft Business Applications in the Cloud and facilitates the smooth transition from on-premises setups. We boast profound insights into effective cloud practices and potential challenges that empower us to guide our clients along the most streamlined path.

Beyond mere licensing

From business readiness to business acceleration and technical expertise, our services form an integrated support system. This end-to-end support structure enables you to allocate your focus and resources strategically, enabling the growth of your business.


We are your designated partner to assist you in navigating daily challenges and moving forward. When faced with more foundational questions, engage in a Business Strategy Workshop facilitated by our seasoned professionals. Through a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of your current performance, we craft a roadmap for success, integrating best practices and the latest insights.

Optimal infrastructure

Resilient infrastructure is the cornerstone of operational excellence. We empower you to excel in customer relationships using the complete Microsoft portfolio. Ultimately, we help you leverage tangible benefits for your organization. We save you time, simplify processes, and mitigate any concerns along the way.

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  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Scalable Growth for Business


What is a CSP Licence?

A CSP Licence is part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program. It enables businesses to leverage and manage Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Office 365.

What does CSP stand for in licensing?

In licensing, CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider.

What is a CSP agreement?

A CSP agreement is a contractual arrangement where a Cloud Solution Provider partners with customers to provide Microsoft cloud services.

What is the difference between CSP and an open license?

CSP comes with a flexible, pay-as-you-go model for cloud services. Whereas, an open license is a one-time purchase for perpetual use of Microsoft products.

What is the difference between Microsoft volume licensing and CSP?

Microsoft Volume Licensing is suited for large organizations needing many licenses at a discount. Whereas, CSP targets flexible cloud service delivery with monthly billing.

What is Microsoft CSP licensing?

Microsoft CSP licensing allows providers to sell Microsoft cloud services along with their offerings. They can offer a more customized and managed service experience.

Can I have multiple Microsoft CSP providers?

Yes, you can engage with multiple CSP providers for different services or geographies.

Can you transfer CSP licenses?

Yes, you can. But, transferring CSP licenses between providers or customers typically involves specific conditions and may require assistance from Microsoft.

What is CSP perpetual license?

A CSP perpetual license is an option in the CSP program to purchase perpetual licenses. They offer ongoing use rights without expiration.

What are the different types of CSP agreements?
  • CSP agreements vary:
    • Direct agreements with Microsoft,
    • Indirect through a partner network,
    • Multi-tier arrangements for larger reseller networks.
What is direct vs indirect Microsoft CSP?

Direct CSP involves a direct partnership with Microsoft. It requires more infrastructure and support capabilities. On the other hand, indirect CSP relies on a partnership through a third-party distributor.

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