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What matters most to us and the organizations we serve is honesty, work ethic, and drive. Our suppliers, partners, and people represent those values, and they rely on those values to build positive relationships that benefit all parties involved.

NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce) Spotlights Windows Management Experts

WME has demonstrated its commitment to creating opportunities for diverse business owners by implementing a supplier diversity program.

What Defines a Diverse Business?

A diverse business is defined as a business that is majority-owned and operated by a U.S. Citizen and represents one of the following categories or ethnicities:

  • LGBT

What is WME’s Role?

  • We answer questions from potentially diverse businesses
  • We match decision-makers with top-notch suppliers
  • We provide direction to diverse suppliers and assist in developing their businesses while always maintaining an open-door policy

What Certification Categories?


The supplier is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transsexual owned business. Contact the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for certification at www.nglcc.org

Professional Help

We professionally handle additional tasks like background checks, drug tests, and reference checks.

How do I Register?

If you are a diverse supplier with certification and you would like to become a vendor with WME, please reach out to us.

— Matt Tinney


CEO, Windows Management Experts

By providing access to all diverse and inclusive businesses, we provide the opportunity to lift each other up to new heights. A diverse and inclusive supplier base provides us with a creative, innovative edge to partner together and win opportunities in partnership.

Supplier diversity is our commitment to inclusivity and equity.

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