AI Extended Detection and Response

Discover the First-of-its-kind AI-powered Managed Extended Detection & Response to Protect Your Full Digital Landscape

AI-powered Managed Extended Detection & Response to Protect Your Full Digital Landscape

Connect with WME’s expert security team for bespoke protective measures across all technological layers, addressing each vulnerability point. All within one cohesive service.

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Cut down on manual tasks and operational costs

Automate threat detection and response for a stronger defense

simplify meeting regulatory standards

For High Tech IT Providers, By WME

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Elevate your MSP and IT services with our bespoke solutions. We're here to amplify your capabilities and ensure you lead with innovation and reliability.

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Streamline operations, exceed client expectations, and secure long-term success. With WME, advance your service offerings and set new industry standards.

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Join forces with WME and navigate the future of IT services. Let's create unparalleled value for your clients, together.


Advanced Security

WME leverages cutting-edge AI to automate crucial security tasks. We help your team to shift their focus to higher-level strategies. With a comprehensive overview of threats, we enhance your ability to detect and neutralize risks more efficiently. We ensure continuous protection against a wide array of exploits and threats.

Robust Governance

Enhance your security governance with WME's centralized management and superior reporting capabilities. Our AI MDR services ensure your enterprise adheres to security policies and procedures. We establish a consistent and robust security posture that aligns with organizational goals.

Streamlined Compliance

Navigate the complex compliance landscape with ease, thanks to WME's state-of-the-art AIMDR. Our solutions simplify adherence to various regulations and standards, including HIPAA, SOC, GDPR, and whatnot. We provide the necessary documentation and reports to satisfy audit requirements and demonstrate compliance effectively

Cost Efficiency

Reduce security-related expenses with WME's automated solutions. By minimizing the need for manual interventions, our AIMDR services streamline operations. We cut labor costs and enhance overall efficiency in your security processes.

Enhanced Automation

Elevate your security operations with the automation capabilities of WME's AIMDR services. From threat detection to incident resolution, our solutions automate critical tasks. We help you free up your security team to focus on strategic planning and proactive defense measures

Accelerated Response

Respond to threats at unprecedented speeds with WME. Our AIMDR solutions offer real-time insights into security threats, coupled with automated incident response capabilities. We ensure that your organization stays one step ahead of potential breaches

Step-by-Step Onboarding

Initial Setup

Our collaboration starts with a comprehensive onboarding process. We guide you through account creation, platform configuration, and data integration. Ultimately, it’s a smooth transition to your new security system.

Expert Training

Empower your team with in-depth training sessions to maximize the potential of our AI MDR solution. Our training covers everything from threat detection to incident management.

Dedicated Support

Enjoy peace of mind with WME's continuous support. Our team is here to answer your queries. They assist with all technical issues and ensure your Managed AI security & compliance solution operates flawlessly

Personalized Onboarding Experience

Small Teams (1-100 Users, 1-3 Weeks)

● Complimentary assessment to gauge readiness
● Subscription service with complete knowledge transfer
● Comprehensive WME support and guidance
● Thorough remediation of existing security setup

Growing Enterprises (101-1000 Users, 2-8 Weeks)

● All foundational services plus
● Tailored security governance planning
● Exclusive organizational portal
● Cost-saving strategies through POR/PAL integration
● Support for 1-2 compliance standards of your choice

Large Organizations (1001-2500 Users, 7-11 Weeks)

● Extended enterprise-level subscription
● Dedicated account management
● In-depth security consulting services

Major Enterprises (2501+ Users, 11-17 Weeks)

● Bespoke AI MDR solutions
● Customized security frameworks
● Comprehensive managed services

Your Security, Our Priority

Let us handle the complexities of cybersecurity. Let your teams focus on what you do best.

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