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Unlocking Cybersecurity Excellence: Strategic Growth and Innovation with Founder Matt Tinney | Ep 849

In this compelling episode of The Digital Executive, host Brian Thomas engages with Matt Tinney, Chief of Strategic Growth Partnerships at Windows Management Experts (WME), to explore the depths of cybersecurity, compliance, and strategic partnerships in the IT sector. With over 30 years of experience, Tinney shares his journey from the founder of WME to leading the charge in strategic growth and innovation, highlighting the constant evolution in the field of cybersecurity and the pivotal role of advanced technologies like AI and generative intelligence.

Back by Popular Demand: Lloyd, Anna, and WME chief, Matthew Tinney, discuss business, networking, and life.

Steve Cooper engages in a thought-provoking and light-hearted dialogue with industry experts Lloyd Birnbaum (Lauretta Birnbaum LLC), Anna Ehlenberger (Converge HR Solutions), and Matthew Tinney (Windows Management Experts). Tune in as they discuss the art of overcoming business challenges, staying motivated, and extending a helping hand to others.

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Security Webinar - Securing Your Data in the Virtual Sky

Ensuring robust cloud security is crucial for businesses and organizations of all sizes. To shed light on this essential matter, we invited esteemed cloud security experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with our valued attendees.

Attracting Those Who Are Aligned with Matt Tinney

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Create A Business That Runs Without You - Interview with Matt Tinney

Ethical Leadership Discussion with Matt Tinney – Moravian College

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Accelerate to achieve podcast with Matt Tinney. Tune in or Turn Back.

Master Communicator Podcast with Matt Tinney

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Executive Leaders Interview with Matt Tinney, Founder and Owner of WME

Learn how to manage Mobile Devices with Microsoft Intune & Configuration Manager

Presented by John Marcum, Enterprise Mobility MVP, this LIVE demo shows you how to manage mobile devices using Intune and Configuration Manager.
This is a PowerPoint-free live-recorded demo which walks through some common pitfalls we’ve seen customers struggle with when going down the MDM path. You’ll learn different functionalities between standalone Intune and ConfigMgr integrated with Intune.
We walk through actions you can perform on mobile devices directly from the ConfigMgr console and we show the challenges when migrating to Microsoft Intune from a third-party MDM vendor

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Back to the basics with Microsoft Teams

This webinar teaches basic Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for users along with a focus on chats, calls, and settings for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365 that brings together collaboration and data sharing to deepen customer engagement, gain business insight, ensure security, and significantly enable innovation.
Thinking of implementing Teams? Take advantage of our Free 1-Hour Session: jumpstart Your Practice & Unite Your Team!

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

This webinar will provide information and techniques for productive virtual meetings. Reduce the confusion and be productive. We cover everything leading up to your meeting from how to create a virtual meeting, starting a virtual meeting. and how to organize a virtual meeting. We touch on key points of your virtual meeting itself and perhaps most-importantly, what to do at the end of a virtual meeting.

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Managing Remote Workers

This webinar provides best practices for managing a remote workforce and proven techniques to get the best productivity from your remote users.
Learn how to set standards and guidelines, communicate daily with remote workers, set work goals and expectations daily, use project management tools to track work progress, and reporting software to monitor remote users’ activities.

Importing Sealed Management Packs

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Installing WME Management Packs

Creating a SQL Server Report in less than 30 Seconds

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