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We saved the client millions of dollars by eliminating the chances of most probable security breaches.

We evaluated the Microsoft 365 and Azure infrastructure of this Banking industry client. They had a breach that we analyzed and swiftly blocked all access points used by malicious entities. Ultimately, we safeguarded their Microsoft-enabled business. The best part is, we completed a tedious task of 4-6 weeks of work in just two weeks.


A Human Resource firm saves tons of money on insurance premiums and other security-related expenses by getting SOC 2 certified.

We helped them demonstrate to their customers that they implemented strong security controls to protect their data. This led to increased sales and repeat business at their company. SOC 2 certification also helped them achieve compliance with important regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR. Ultimately, they avoided costly potential fines and penalties.


An Engineering organization got its Overall Compliance Score skyrocket from 27% to 99%, and its Identity score to 100%.

We evaluated their Microsoft 365 and Azure infrastructure. We scanned and remediated all the security vulnerabilities. Finally, they were able to protect their financial information, personally identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property. Their Information Governance also got better and the whole data lifecycle became safe.


We created a logical lifecycle automation for a Veterinary industry client. It was a large-scale organization and there were serious security issues with Identity user account management.

We implemented a one-time comprehensive update of their existing AD in the HRIS system and implemented automation via API. We deployed Adaxes and M365 for unified management of on-prem and cloud properties and provided a Backup solution as well.


We evaluated the Microsoft 365 and Azure of the Legal Industry Client. As a law firm, they required appropriate security compliance certifications (SOC 2, CCPA, ISO, GDPR) ASAP. There were significant IT issues and short deadlines that had depleted their IT resources.

We automated various services and elements by introducing AI and RPA tools for faster compliance and certifications. Ultimately, we skyrocketed their internal compliance score to 99% and helped them prepare for further security certifications.


A large-scale medical niche organization required us to consolidate their existing Active Directory environments with Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory. We assessed their whole system and gained the contract to implement and deploy the solution presented in the final recommendations. In the second phase, we deployed and configured the Softerra Adaxes solution outlined in Phase I. Despite the challenges, we successfully deployed the solution and retained WME resources for ongoing Adaxes expertise to handle future issues or improvements.

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