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User Lifecycle Automation

Client Industry: Veterinary

Client Environment: MS 365 and Azure Active Directory

The Problem/Opportunity

  • The client organization was facing issues with the Identity user account management.
  • They requested an automated identity provisioning solution that integrates with the newly deployed HRIS system ‘ADP Advantage’.
  • We recommended the integration of Softerra Adaxes with automated user lifecycle processes:
      • User New Hire / Onboarding
      • User Transition
      • User Termination / Offboarding
      • User Rehire
  • The solution included manual forms / web-based methods for each of the lifecycle processes that were automated.
  • These forms / web-based solutions included functionality to be the primary management point for non-employee user accounts (e.g. contractors)

The WME Solution

  • We deployed Adaxes core infrastructure (Permissions, service accounts, VMs, etc.)
  • Deployed Adaxes core baseline configuration (Security Roles, Rules, patterns, business units, Web Configuration, etc.)
  • Integrated Adaxes and Office 365 for “single pane of glass” management of on-premise and cloud properties.
  • Built and changed web configurations to match the associated solution.
  • Configured Adaxes native self-service password reset (SSPR) function.
  • We designed and implemented solutions for user lifecycle processes or newly developed/redeveloped solutions.
  • We created a solution for employee ID tracking between the HRIS system and the on-premises Active Directory user account.
  • We implemented a one-time “mass update” of existing AD users in the HRIS system.
  • We created an ongoing process built into the New Hire processes. We worked with the client’s team to create a logical lifecycle process.
  • All of these processes included a manual (Forms-based) solution as a backup process for Employees and a primary process for Contractors.

Challenges Encountered and Solved:

  • The biggest challenge for this implementation was the scale of the organization which included diverse teams such as HR, Security, IT, Executive, Service Desk, and Vendors.
  • We had to take on board all these internal and external stakeholders in the entire process from decision-making to knowledge transfer.
  • Logistically coordinating the meetings was a complicated effort.
  • Another challenge was logging and tracking all decisions for the final definition of the systems and their implementation.
  • This required an extra person on the project just to be in the meetings to record, log and track the items.
  • Because of the number of groups and people involved and changing decisions a number of change requests were executed to get the solution fully implemented into the environment.

The Final Outcome

We implemented automation via API call through ADP Advantage HRIS:

  • New Hire / User Creation Process
  • User Modification (E.g. Transfer, promotion, demotion, name change, etc.)
  • User Termination / User De-provisioning Process

In the end, the customer was fully satisfied with our work and has continued with us for additional Adaxes implementations when bringing on additional organization.

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