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In the fast-paced world of government operations, reliable and scalable IT is crucial. Yet, many agencies struggle with limited IT resources. That’s where Windows Management Experts (WME) come in. We specialize in government IT services, offering seamless support and solutions that let you focus on what matters most.

Need a government IT contractor you can count on? Let’s talk. We’re here to customize our services to fit your unique requirements. We ensure your IT is in expert hands.

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We’re all about creating IT solutions that fit just right for government agencies. We’ve been in the game for over 10 years, and our team? They know the ins and outs of the Microsoft world like the back of their hand, with a whopping 100+ years of combined experience.

But it’s not just about the numbers. We’ve rolled out 142 big projects for government bodies, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to meet your specific needs. Our certifications? They’re proof that we’re up to the task. We’re here to offer the kind of government IT services that get it done right the first time. And we stand by that promise.

So, if you’re looking for a team that’s got your back with top-notch government technology solutions, look no further.

Comprehensive IT Services for Government: Both State and Local

Comprehensive Government IT Contracting

Our expertise spans both federal and local levels. We offer customized IT solutions for government agencies including the US Department of VA, DOT, DOE, and various city and state agencies like the City of Charlotte, NC, and the State of New Hampshire. We’re equipped to handle the unique needs of each government entity.

Strategic Government IT Services Approach

In the federal sphere, our focus is on tier-2 and subcontracting roles. When working with states or cities, we position ourselves as either a prime contractor or a supportive subcontractor. Ultimately, we deliver comprehensive government IT support that meets the intricate demands of public sector projects.

Expertise in Government Technology Solutions

Our team comprises top-tier experts and engineers. They are all dedicated to executing scalable IT government contractor solutions. Our commitment is to exceed delivery expectations by providing first-rate services that cater to the complex environments of government operations.

Project Management Precision

Our project management practices are built on a foundation of excellence. We ensure every government IT solutions project is completed on schedule and within budget. Our PM experts are adept at navigating the specific challenges that come with government agency projects.

Lifecycle IT Solutions for Government

Our approach encompasses complete lifecycle IT solutions for government. From initial planning and design to implementation and ongoing support, we cover everything. Our engineering and technical expertise is key to developing solutions that align with the strategic objectives of government agencies.

Competitive Market Advantage

We leverage strong partnerships with industry-leading vendors. We offer government offices highly effective yet cost-efficient technology solutions. We aim to provide government entities with the tools they need to achieve their mission objectives efficiently.

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IT Offerings Tailored for Government Agencies & Contractors

Azure Professional Services

Our comprehensive IT services for government agencies extend to Azure cloud infrastructure. We offer expert guidance to design, implement, and optimize Azure environments. Ultimately, we ensure cost efficiency and operational excellence for government entities.

Adaxes Workflow Automation

Embrace unparalleled workflow automation with our IT solutions for government. We transform manual processes into streamlined operations. We help you enhance productivity and ensure secure and consistent IT processes tailored to your agency’s needs.

Endpoint Management

Ensure the security and updated management of all devices within your network. Our endpoint management solutions provide robust protection and support for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. We ensure uninterrupted operations for government IT services.

Power Platform Services

Leverage our government IT solutions to automate and enhance your agency’s processes using the Microsoft Power Platform. From app development to security, we cover all aspects to streamline your governmental workflows.

Migration Services

Specializing in government IT contracting, our migration services are designed to securely transition your data and applications to the cloud, ensuring minimal downtime and aligned with the specific needs of government agencies and contractors.

Security and Compliance

Our government technology solutions include comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection services. We ensure compliance with government regulations and safeguard against potential breaches. Ultimately, we keep your agency’s operations secure and compliant.

Microsoft Teams Support

Enhance collaboration within your agency with our Microsoft Teams support solutions. They are designed to maximize the platform’s capabilities for effective communication and teamwork in government settings.

Staffing Services

Our government IT support extends to staffing services. We connect you with skilled IT talent ready to meet the dynamic demands of the public sector, enhancing your agency’s technical capabilities.

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With the impact of Covid in 2020 we were forced to downsize.  We leaned on Windows Management Experts to help us manage our technical infrastructure at a significantly lower cost than having the resources inhouse.  An additional advantage we have leveraged while working with WME is their ability to pull in staff with specialized expertise, giving us access to a breadth of experience we could never have hired for.  The relationship has worked so well we intend to continue with WME rather than backfill for these positions.
— Michael Gerthe
Manager of Operations, Dartican LLC
Matt is a class-act all the way. A man of Integrity, Thoughtfulness, and Passion, which he brings to every customer and instills in those that work for and with him. You couldn’t be in better hands with trusting Windows Management Experts to deliver your next Microsoft-based project with Matt at the helm.
- John Doe
Managing Director

— NAICS Codes



  • Small Diverse Business-Self Certified
  • Small Business (PA Department of General Services, State of West Virginia/ Department of Purchasing)
  • Small Diverse Business (PA Department of General Services)
  • LGBT Business Enterprise (Louisville & Jefferson County Metro, Supplier Clearing House, CA Public Utilities Commission)
  • State Registrations: California Public Utilities Commission
  • Small Contractors & Suppliers (King County State of Washington)
  • Small Business Enterprise (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District)
  • City Registrations: Baltimore, MD; Pittsburgh, PA; Nashville Metro Area, TN: Louisville, KY: Seattle, WA; Long Beach, CA
  • LGBT Business Enterprise (NGLCC)

Government organizations need dependable, scalable, and effective technology but have limited in-house resources to address IT compliance and management. Let Windows Management Experts handle your technology while you focus on the bigger picture. Get in touch with us today so we can assess your needs and offer you a deal.

Comprehensive Coverage

We support all types of federal and local government work including US Department of VA, DOT, DOE, as well as city and state agencies, such as the City of Charlotte, NC; City of Houston, TX; City of Philadelphia, PA, Sounds Transit; the State of New Hampshire; and Cass County, ND, among others.

Tier-2 & Subcontracting

Our current focus and strategy in working with Federal government is tier 2 or subbing. For State, County or Cities, we can either be a prime or subcontractor.

Top Experts & Engineers

We continue to exceed delivery expectations by offering only first-rate experts and engineers to design, build, implement and support information technology environments of all sizes and scale.

With 10+ years of experience in operation providing IT service management, 100+ years of aggregated experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, and 100+ implementations so far, the experts at Windows Management Experts are surely well-versed with the requirements and processes of working with government agencies. The certifications mentioned below speak for themselves.

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I used WME to provide Professional and Managed IT Services and I am extremely pleased with the quality of work they were able to provide. I plan to work with them again and can recommend them without reservation to others in need of similar services. I trust that your experience with them will be as positive as mine.

— Jerrod Moton

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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