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Copilot for Microsoft 365 with WME

Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse

Supercharge productivity with Copilot's intelligent automation & AI-powered assistance.

Write Like a Master, Not a Minion

Craft compelling emails, documents, presentations, and whatnot using Copilot's intuitive suggestions.

Ditch the Data

Turn complex spreadsheets into insights with Copilot's data analysis & visualization magic.

Transform Your Meetings

Free yourself from note-taking drudgery. Copilot transcribes and summarizes while keeping your meetings on track.

Inbox Hero at Your Service

Conquer email overload with its intelligent sorting and response automation.

Become a Collaboration Guru

Foster seamless teamwork in Teams. Copilot streamlines communication and keeps everyone aligned.

Learn While You

Sharpen your Microsoft 365 skills with its personalized learning recommendations and tips.

Ignite Your

Break through writer's block! Copilot ignites creativity with AI-powered content suggestions.

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Save 2 Hours per Week on Emails

Copilot’s automation can save knowledge workers an average of 2 hours per week on email processing.

Quick Insights from Data Points

Copilot’s data analysis features can help users extract insights from massive datasets- think 10,000 data points.

Action Items Completed 15% Faster

Copilot’s ability to summarize meetings and generate action items can help teams complete them faster.

Discover the future of productivity with Copilot for Microsoft 365, easily embedded in your tenant.

Transforming tools like Teams, Word, and Excel into collaborative powerhouses, Copilot empowers you to accomplish more, faster.


  • Data Exploration and Categorization
  • Access Control Assessment
  • Policy Development and Sharing Protocols
  • Infrastructure Evaluation and Licensing Recommendations

Tenant Preparation

  • Data Governance Framework Establishment
  • Sensitive Data Identification and Protection Mechanisms
  • Dynamic Permission Management
  • Policy Development and Customization


  • Implementation of Sensitivity Labels
  • Sharing Restrictions and Repository Management
  • Policy Enforcement
  • License Optimization and Enablement


  • Prompt Training for Users
  • Features Exploration & Best Practices
  • Lifecycle Management

Effectively Deploy and Manage Copilot for Microsoft 365

The deployment of Copilot for Microsoft 365 may be straightforward, but it’s tricky to find the most optimized combination of license choices and configuration possibilities.

WME’s skilled Copilot consultants help you with the planning and implementation of Copilot for M365. We help you tackle both fundamental needs and intricate third-party data integrations.

We first conduct a readiness assessment and then proceed to targeted planning and implementation. We manage prerequisites and install additional connectors.

Get ahead of the game – arrange a meeting to assess your Copilot readiness.


Focus on what matters. Copilot’s built-in security ensures your data is always protected.

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Copilot for Security, backed by WME, your premium partner for Microsoft Security Solutions

Power Up Your Cybersecurity

Planning & Strategy

We help you assess the current security posture and identify areas where Copilot can enhance security. We develop an implementation roadmap adapted to your business goals.

Governance and Security

We make your tenant ready for the adoption of Copilot for Security. We implement governance policies for managing permissions to ensure compliance. We also conduct security assessments to mitigate risks of data access.

Implementation & User Training

We integrate Copilot for Security with existing security tools and workflows. We provide users with prompt writing training and adoption programs to help your teams leverage Copilot to its best.

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support to address user queries, troubleshoot issues, and optimize the use of Copilot for Security. With us, stay updated on the latest Copilot for Security tips and get advice on best practices.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

While Copilot for Security can access a wide array of threat intelligence, the sheer volume of this data can be overwhelming. We offer services to enhance threat intelligence capabilities, including the development of customized threat intelligence feeds and their integration into Copilot for Security.

Proactive Security Health Checks and Audits

Organizations may not fully leverage Copilot for Security’s capabilities due to a lack of continuous evaluation of their security posture. We propose regular security health checks and audits that leverage Copilot for Security’s analytics to assess and enhance security measures.

Governance and Compliance Management

It’s a challenge to adhere to regulatory compliance while implementing new AI-driven security solutions. We beef up your governance and compliance management services, ensuring that the deployment of Copilot for Security conforms to all relevant laws and regulations.

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At WME, we see Copilot for Security as a game changer for cybersecurity. It’s not just about advanced tech, rather, it’s about how we use this latest innovation to solve real-world security challenges for our clients every day. We’re here to make sure that the complex becomes manageable, and secure feels straightforward.

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Extensive Professional Background

With years of hands-on involvement, WME’s consultants bring a wealth of experience in managing large-scale projects. We deliver Microsoft training, execute critical implementations, and conduct comprehensive security and readiness assessments. Ultimately, we ensure effective Microsoft integration strategies.

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