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Migrate from G-suit to Office 365

WME’s ‘trademark’ M&A Capabilities

This is what we are most famous for. We offer the ultimate solution for transitioning businesses and organizations from Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) to Microsoft Office 365. Our M&A experts, who have deep expertise in cloud platform engineering, help you automate tedious and risky migration tasks with unbelievable ease and simplicity, making sure everything is done in a predictable manner and according to the plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions Exclusives We Offer

We aim to simplify your messaging services by evaluating and integrating Microsoft 365 with any existing mail systems while preserving your current mail identities. This will ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft 365.

Consolidation of Office 365 Messaging Platform

Identity Management

Through the utilization of Identity Management across your network, we guarantee secure governance, surveillance, and management of your data. By keeping track of multiple elements, we guarantee that only authorized individuals have access to the necessary files & permissions. Furthermore, identity management reinforces adherence to various regulations such as CCP, GDPR, and HIPAA among others.

Regardless of the status of your document management system, we can evaluate its current status and determine the necessary methods and integration strategy to enhance cross-team collaboration.

Document Management Solutions

Security Enhancement and Consolidation

Securing your vital data during migration is crucial for M&A. We strive to maintain uniform security protocols throughout the migration procedure.

Coordination during merger activities can pose a significant challenge. We utilize our extensive experience to identify potential bottlenecks that could impede the migration process.

Project Management

Unifying Windows Servers

We leverage a bunch of methods to integrate your network and server assets into a single, efficient, and integrated system that aims to decrease expenses and minimize identity management problems.

Our M&A Strategy typically follows this routine of actions

  • Due Concentration & Information Gathering
  • Comprehensive & In-depth Environment Assessment
  • Gap Analysis, Comparison, and Streamlining
  • Suggest A Data-backed Integration Roadmap
  • Implement Bound-to-Win Integration Plan

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