5 Tips for Choosing the Right IT Staffing Agency

Hiring IT or tech experts is a daunting task. Let alone sourcing candidates, it’s quite demanding to analyze market dynamics even first and then finalize contracts. Most evidently, this is an expert’s job. That’s where professional staffing agencies come to help. It’s their forte and they can do it way better than your in-house teams. 

But wait, are all staffing agencies the same? After all, there are thousands of such agencies claiming to be good. But your leadership demands the best resources in the industry. How do you come to know which is the right firm to meet your unique needs? How can you judge a staffing firm?

Well, we’ve gathered five proven tips to empower you with all the necessary questions to solve this riddle while selecting a firm for your staffing needs.

Let’s dive in.

Choosing the Right IT Staffing Agency - Best Tips

1. Vast Expertise & Experience

Find out how many recruiters the staffing firm has. Their number matters. It should not be too small as too much burden on a small team means a compromise on the quality of work, throughout the phases of recruiting. So, your goal is to engage a recruiting firm that has enough staffing experts with the right combination of skills to find the best match for your company, both skills and personality-wise. 

Then, their overall experience and, especially, tenure within the concerned staffing firm is also an important factor to consider. The overall experience helps them sift through candidates with ease whereas a long enough tenure within a staffing firm will ensure they are an established team, have clear roles defined, and work with proven collaboration methods to find the best match.   

Another factor in this regard is their specific knowledge of your industry. For example, there’s a huge difference between workers specialized in Fintech and Healthcare or say, between Legal industry expertise and Nonprofit. The recruiters should have ample experience within your industry as every industry has its unique technology needs and nuances. You can’t bet on a proven Fintech cyber security expert to deliver the same performance for a medical services company, and vice versa. So, you should seek experience within a particular niche in your recruiters. 

An example of the importance of vast expertise can be seen in the field of software development. As technology advances rapidly, organizations need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. A staffing firm with recruiters who have a deep understanding of the latest software development trends and technologies can help organizations find the right developers to build innovative software that meets the needs of their customers.

2. Tap into a Diverse Talent Pool

This is one of the key things to consider. See if the staffing firm has an extensive network of potential candidates or not. 

A competent and reliable IT staffing agency should have a large enough pool of talent only then they are able to help you find the best candidates for your company. This network includes not only the candidates who have registered with the agency, but also referrals from satisfied clients, job boards, and social networking sites.

The agency’s own catalog is another valuable resource for finding the right candidates. They can quickly filter through their database to find individuals with the necessary skills and experience that match your company’s requirements, including candidates that may not be actively looking for new job opportunities. Moreover, the database includes candidates at all job levels, ranging from entry-level analysts to experienced programmers to even CIOs. 

By providing pre-screened candidates that fit your requirements, they can save you time and money in the recruitment process. This way, it’s far easier and quicker to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills along with their personality, work ethic, and communication skills, just to ensure the right cultural fit for you.

3. Top-Level Screening and Assessment

Screening & Evaluation is a crucial part when it comes to finding the right talent for your IT needs. The ideal staffing firm will have a robust interview, testing, and screening process to ensure that the candidate’s technical aptitude, business aptitude, and soft skills are all top-class. 

Actually, sourcing IT talent is very different from sourcing other positions. So, you really need to engage a firm that can challenge candidates’ technical expertise and uncover their ultimate knowledge and problem-solving skills. To ensure the quality of the candidates, the agency should have a rigorous screening process.

This process can include technical assessments, behavioral assessments, and psychometric tests. These tests are designed to evaluate a candidate’s general-purpose skills, personality traits, and cognitive abilities. Also, the recruiting staff should be able to assess a candidate’s patience level and leadership traits to determine their compatibility with your company’s culture.

A comprehensive background check is another box to tick here. The agency should be able to verify candidates’ work experience, education, and certifications. They should also conduct reference checks with their previous employers to validate the candidate’s skills and work experience.

All in all, a robust screening and evaluation process will save your company time and resources. By thoroughly vetting candidates, such agencies ensure only the most qualified individuals are selected for your consideration.

4. Broad Service Portfolio

Oftentimes, companies don’t just need help with IT staffing, but they are also looking for full-time professional or Managed IT consulting. Sometimes, you need help with the overall development of your IT, or you might be looking for just a strategic consultation. In such a case, you need to look for a broad service portfolio of the agency you’re going to work with.

Also, your project leaders may need help from a high-profile resource to lead a PMO. In such a case, working with multiple vendors is not advisable as it’s not going to be a cost-effective option. On top of it, the mess it’ll create is another pain point to avoid. You need one firm to which you can offload all your IT-related burdens and focus on your core business. 

5. Agency Reputation & Credibility

In the world of IT, there’s no better guarantee of delivery than a good reputation. One way to check out reputation, obviously, is to figure out for how many years the staffing agency has been operating. Also, they should be financially sound so that you can rely on their commitments to your time and expectations. But, how to assess their reputation? After all, fake testimonials flashing on websites is no hard thing to manage. 

Well, to be certain of the legitimacy of the reviews, you need to contact the ‘’happy customers” yourself. You can either contact them directly via their social handles or emails. You can also ask for the contacts of happy buyers from the staffing agencies and then ask for their experience with these agencies via personal message. You can also leverage sources such as LinkedIn and Twitter to unleash their work ethics and claims via user comments and reviews. 

Another way to ascertain their reputation claims is by analyzing their official partners. The overall reputation, market name, and company size & history are all major factors that speak of the character of the partner companies. If you find some good players playing their partner, you can go ahead with this agency for your staffing needs. 

Then, there’s company credibility which is another crucial metric to consider. To analyze how much you can depend on a staffing agency’s commitments, look at their new hire retention rate. Sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates and then training them to cover all the technical staff turnover takes a lot of capacity and experience on the part of the management. This process is often expensive, and hard to be managed with full commitment. Only a credible staffing firm can do justice with this process. So, you need to engage a staffing agency who’s maintained a retention rate of at least 85% after one year of employment.

Wrapping it Up

It is important to take the time to research and vet potential agencies to find the best fit for your organization’s goals and culture. By following the five tips outlined in this expert advice, organizations can ensure that they partner with an agency that not only understands their specific hiring needs but also possesses the expertise and resources to source top IT talent. 

Partnering with WME can be a strategic move for your organization to leverage our specialized expertise, extensive talent pool, cost-effective solutions, and access to industry insights, helping you to drive the success of your technology initiatives and achieve your hiring goals.

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