Employee OnBoarding OffBoarding & Account Management

WME is offering a management and automation solution that provides enhanced administration experience to Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 environments. Our solution provides automation rules, approval-based workflows, role-based permissions, data standards enforcements, etc. to any of your existing scenarios or integrations, like HR or payroll systems, that directly interact with AD, Exchange or Office 365.


One Solution with complete separation of access for Executives, Human Resources, and Help Desk Engineers.
  • Automate user onboarding and offboarding
  • Integrate Systems
  • Rich Reporting Dashboards
  • Create Standards & Governance


  • Eliminate costly data entry and clerical errors
  • Eliminate overheard across multiple departments (HR, Finance, IT)
  • Reduce offboarding vulnerabilities

Case Studies

Challenge: A global company with a 170,000+ Active Directory object environment needed a globally unified service desk and process that reduced the amount of inconsistencies and time spent on user data.

Solution: WME streamlined all user management business processes globally which enabled implementation of a single solution umbrella for all regions using a common schema. A reporting portal was built to govern and maintain the management of users.

Results: Global service desk teams are now unified with a streamlined process empowering senior leadership to rely on their trusted data.

Challenge: An IT and HR department had trouble meeting the demand of user requests in a 500-user environment.

Solution: WME implemented an automated data processing engine that captured a back-up of their HRIS (Human Resource Information System) directly to their Active Directory (AD) environment without any human intervention. This automated method reduced the amount of time it took to connect directly with the HRIS, enabling HR and IT personnel to easily manage and modify options outside of the system.

Results: This platform reduced significant data inconsistencies and up to 200 hours across HR, IT, Finance and other business lines. User management activities are now conducted without the assistance of the IT team such as a self-service password reset option for all users.

Challenge: A single IT team was managing six (6) separate Active Directory (AD) forests in a 200-user environment. The organization had a semi-functional implementation of the automated solution in place.

Solution: WME conducted a health evaluation of the current environment and created a single point of management dashboard to manage all users across all six (6) forests. This solution automates processes that set policies or configurations against all forests, integrating with third-party systems throughout the forest to maintain existing processes.

Results: Enhanced connectivity between the core management forest and the applications managing the remaining domains and forests. The automated solution simplified user management and reduced time for new user onboarding.

Client Testimonials

We use this solution and Active Directory management for anything from changing passwords via SMS to creating users, fully automatic. Its documentation and support is fantastic.

It’s a godsend. Basically, removes the need of a help desk by giving the tools, training and power to HR.

I have really liked the use of this product so far and it has helped us to greatly streamline AD tasks.

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