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Header - 2022-02 (February 2022)

You can deploy windows update as a package via Intune. Go to Microsoft catalog site and search the update you want to install and click Download.

Microsoft catalog:

I am trying to download KB5008215 December update for deploying to Windows 11 machines. The downloaded update will be saved as a *.msu file and then use Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool to convert the *.msu file into the .intunewin format.

Download the tool from the below link and the tool will guide you the required parameters step by step in the command line and converts the file into *.intunewin format.

Windows update file is converted and after you use this tool, you will be able to upload and assign the apps in the Microsoft Intune console.


In the previous part we went through the third party vendor options and how they contribute towards the autopilot process workflow. We also discussed how it would look to either enhance or offload to structure the process out.

This next part will be quite an interesting part as this will be a collation of everything we have covered in all of the previous parts released and it will show how these decisions will look when incorporated into a hybrid setup where you have an Azure AD and an On-Premise AD setup. 


The last 2 years changed our work habits dramatically and forced many people to an unknown world of remote or hybrid work. It’s not easy to switch in 2 days to a different schema. New tools, new rules (or lack of rules), new routines (both personal and work). Many people are lost and disconnected from information. They don’t know where to find information, how to work securely and efficiently, what to do to feel comfortable with the change, and how to keep a work-life balance (24hr home office). 

Microsoft Viva is the Employee Experience Platform and was introduced at the right time to fix some of these problems. It is a set of tools for communications, knowledge, learning, and insights. There are 4 available modules – Viva Learning, Viva Insights, Viva Topics, and Viva Connections. Each module is designed to help employees working in mixed environments, learn, be connected with colleagues, and find the balance between work and personal life. 


In the previous part of the series we talked about the average times it takes for endpoints to be onboarded into Intune when using Autopilot deployments and how they differ when using a non white gloved method and a white gloved method.

The next part we are going to look into is the journey and benefits into third party options and how they can help the overall process for providing endpoints. These are ready to be given to the business, or even in some cases, directly to primary users.

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