Configure Auto-Recording in Teams Meetings
Recordings are one of the most important parts of online Teams meetings. We use it to record training for colleagues, save workshops, record and send troubleshooting sessions, test presentations, and for many other scenarios...
How to use Meeting ID in Teams Meeting
We use meetings every day for workshops, training, work, and many other things. There are many ways that you can use to join your Teams Meeting and the latest one is to use a Meeting ID. This method enables news scenarios and simplifies joining meetings...
New Removable Storage Management Capabilities in MS Defender
Microsoft announced new features for Removal storage management in MS Defender for endpoint and this helps to improve and secure more removal storage scenarios in Windows and below are the use cases that Windows Defender supports...
Create/Manage Organizational Messages from Microsoft Intune
Organizational messages can be used to send important messages to users on Microsoft Intune managed Windows 11 devices. It’s designed for taskbar area, notification area and get started app and you can monitor the delivery status and cancel if its not required...
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