A Hiring Partner Who Delivers Ready-to-Onboard IT Candidates in Record Time

HR managers face tough challenges finding candidates at the pace needed today. And it’s only going to get worse. Boomers are retiring, millennials are approaching middle age, Gen Z is a relatively small pool, and the Congressional Budget Office says the U.S. labor force will grow only 0.2% a year from 2024 to 2031.

Your HR manager needs a helping hand, a hiring partner who can remove the hurdles to finding candidates with the right skills and the right work ethic to fit your company’s culture and business model. You need the “hassle-free hiring” experience that only WME provides.

  • The only recruitment agency with its own successful technology practice. WME’s ongoing experience in today’s tech world gives it unparalleled insights into the skills and knowledge your IT hires need not just now, but in coming years.
  • With deep ties to the technology community, WME can source talent from personal and professional networks that are out of reach for busy HR managers and traditional recruiters.
  • WME’s multi-factor screening process evaluates candidate experience, knowledge, and culture-fit, eliminating the multi-interview cycles companies normally go through and that often delay onboarding.

With WME as your hiring partner, you have a head-start to a speedy, but reliable finish.

  • WME recruiters have between 15-to-20 years of IT hiring experience.
  • We work as an extension of your hiring team, learning as much as we can about the roles you’re looking to fill, the environment new hires will be inserted into, and the culture of your organization.
  • You can trust WME to handle tasks like background checks, drug tests, and reference checks discretely and professionally.

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