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With a diverse candidate pool of over 25,000 highly capable IT experts, WME can quickly and efficiently identify the right project management candidates for you.

The importance of project management can’t be overstated. Companies that develop project management practices save 28 times more money than companies that don’t. When done correctly, PM aligns projects with a company’s business strategy. Having the right candidate in place can make all the difference. Here are some of the junior- to senior-level positions that WME is finding for clients:

Program Managers

Today’s program managers must be able to successfully manage large scale, global enterprise programs, projects, and deliverables. They must track, manage, and report on program-level resource hours and program budgets, provide timely program status reports, be able to identify and manage program risks, issues, and escalations, and meet supervisory expectations and deliverables.

They also must identify and lead IT business process improvements, develop program processes, and mentor staff. And they must be skilled in monitoring program and sub-project scope using different development methodologies: the Project Management Institute (PMI) / Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework, traditional Waterfall models, or Agile development methodologies.

Technical Project Managers

Companies want technical project managers who can implement complex, enterprise-level systems and technologies with emphasis on the Windows technology stack. That includes migrating large, enterprise applications from on-premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and/or Microsoft Azure.

They may be asked to manage enterprise-level technical projects and deliverables in accordance with industry PMI / PMBOK standards, follow traditional Waterfall models or implement Agile development methodologies. They must be able to translate business and nonfunctional requirements related to cloud technologies, security and compliance initiatives, application and service migrations, system and services deployments and software development activities. As a baseline, they must track and manage project resource hours and budgets, provide timely project status reports, effectively manage project risks, issues, and escalations, and manage supervisor expectations and deliverables.

Project Coordinators

Project coordinators successfully coordinate small- to mid-size projects and deliverables in accordance with PMI / PMBOK standards, traditional Waterfall models, or Agile development methodologies, as needed. They track, manage, and report on project resource hours; provide timely status reports to supervisors; manage project risks, issues, and escalations; and monitor project scope and changes through approved management processes.

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