With a diverse candidate pool of over 25,000 highly capable IT experts, WME can quickly and efficiently identify the right security candidates for you.Today’s network continues to expand beyond anything the original LAN and WAN designers ever imagined. With the extension of the ‘enterprise’ to access points ranging from mobile phones to offices in the home, both home and business environments have become incrementally more vulnerable. Whether you’re looking to hire Microsoft, Quest, Citrix, Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or blended solutions experts, WME can staff your security needs. Here are some of the technical skills we are currently sourcing for clients:

Azure Active Directory (AD) Experts

AD experts are responsible for architectural planning for deployments of Active Directory as part of a Zero Trust security model. Their roles include managing the Azure AD integration including implementation of full identity and access management frameworks. They need experience with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), Azure Privileged Identity Management, Conditional Access, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and Azure Managed Identities.

Azure Information Protection (AIP) Experts

AIP experts implement and maintain the cloud-based Azure Security foundation including network security groups (NSGs), application security groups (ASGs), MCAS, Azure Threat Detection (ATP), Azure Information Protection (AIP), Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP), Microsoft Intune mobile device management (MDM), public key infrastructure (PKI) management, security controls, and policies.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Experts

ATP experts must be able to create standards and policies for Azure VPN, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Azure Defender for Kubernetes (AKS), MCAS, Azure Defender (Security Center) integrated with Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows Defender, Microsoft Defender Firewall, and BitLocker.

Blended Solutions Experts

Blended solution experts are highly experienced with core technologies from multiple vendors. They are responsible for fully integrating Microsoft technologies with those from other providers. This could include deploying Linux-based servers to Azure, leveraging MySQL with Internet Information Services (IIS), integrating a Windows Active Directory domain with AWS, or any number of other possibilities. Blended solutions experts are generalists with many years of hands-on experience in various disciplines and provide real value to companies.

Security Authentication Architects

Security authentication architects assist with identity governance, administration, provisioning/deprovisioning, role-based access control (RBAC), certification access, reporting, compliance, and regulation. Architects take on projects like migrating identity-related data and applications from Azure’s commercial cloud to Azure’s government cloud. The position often requires experience with Azure GCC High, Azure AD, Azure MFA, and Azure B2B; authentication and SSO (SAML, OAuth, OIDC); customer identity and access management and identity governance and administration. Architects must be able to communicate with stakeholders within the organization at all levels.

Vulnerability Management Coordinator

Vulnerability management coordinators identify, evaluate, treat, and report on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. These professionals combine clear understanding of cybersecurity concepts and vulnerabilities with strong project management skills. They must be able to recognize security exploits and risks, understand regulatory requirements, prioritize vulnerability remediation properly, and effectively communicate concepts and actions needed to the team. The position requires sophisticated understanding of the Tenable platform and common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Network Penetration Test Coordinator

Penetration test coordinators proactively work to identify network vulnerabilities and validate security defenses by simulating attacks on the very networks they’re trying to protect. They must have a good understanding of potential threats, familiarity with network architecture, how to execute pentests, evaluate risks based on findings, and determine the effectiveness of remediation to address risks. The position requires sophisticated understanding of the Tenable platform and common vulnerabilities and exposures.


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