Windows Management Experts, Inc. (WME) mission is to provide Industry excellence to all of our valued partners and clients. We strive to exceed the delivery expectations by providing only top experts and engineers to design, build, implement and support information technology environments of all sizes and scale. See what our clients are saying about Windows Management Experts!

It’s refreshing to meet a business owner that is not focused on the $$$ but rather on building relationships

WME (Windows Management Experts) is the company that assisted with the migration to TEAMS. The sales person listened to my requests and my concerns and was able to staff the project with an awesome technical person who was terrific!!! Mike was patient and explained how TEAMS worked, even for the non-techies in my company.

I definitely recommend WME for projects such as this.

Amy A.

I’ve had the pleasure of on-boarding WME as a client, but also, they have helped me greatly expand my network. My goal in 2021 is to return the favor, by getting WME in front of my customers, networking partners, and prospects.

Their culture aligns with ours, ultimately making the professional partnership work!

Doug H.

We use this solution and Active Directory management for anything from changing passwords via SMS to creating users, fully automatic. Its documentation and support is fantastic.

It’s a godsend. Basically, removes the need of a help desk by giving the tools, training and power to HR.

I have really liked the use of this product so far and it has helped us to greatly streamline AD tasks.

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