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Teams Migration within a Microsoft 365 Tenant.
A Microsoft 365 T2T (tenant to tenant) migration is never simple, but some migrations are certainly among the hardest, that of MS Teams Migration for example. Data transfer for tools like Exchange Online or SharePoint is...
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Configure Firewall rules to allow reusable settings with Windows Defender
We can configure Windows Defender firewall to allow reusable group settings to devices and these capabilities will provide more controls to configure firewall and reuse the settings across policies...
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macOS software updates policies management in Intune
With service release 2210, we can now deploy macOS software updates using Intune policies. The macOS devices are enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) can be deployed. macOS 12 and...
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Microsoft Intune 2210 October Update New Features
Microsoft released new set of features for Microsoft Intune with release 2210 in October 24, 2022 and the features included in application management, device configuration, enrollment & management. In this blog...
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What's new in Windows 365 at Microsoft Ignite 2022
Microsoft hosted Microsoft ignite event in the mid of October. Now Microsoft ignite is welcoming to all kind of roles such as IT decision makers and IT implementers to developers and data and security...
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