Level Up Security – How MSSPs and Copilot for Security Work Together

Level Up Security - How MSSPs and Copilot Work Together

Granting partners access to Microsoft Copilot for Security

allows authorized security partners, like Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), to help you manage your security posture using Microsoft Copilot for Security. 

Enter Microsoft Copilot for Security: Your AI-Powered Security Sidekick…

Machine Learning Muscle

Imagine having an always-on security analyst scanning your systems for threats—that’s Copilot.

Copilot processes 78 trillion security signals daily. It uses these signals to detect issues/potential threats beforehand.

Actionable Insights

Copilot doesn’t just spot problems; it provides concrete recommendations for resolution. Literally, it empowers your security staff to understand & prioritize critical issues.

There are two good ways to do this:

1. Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP)

With this method, you give your partner permission to manage Copilot for Security in your tenant. Then, they can give appropriate permissions to specific security groups.

Benefits of GDAP
  • True Control: You get to specify what your MSSP can do and what is off-limits, enabling them to work without creating vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Your MSSP will be able to collaborate within your Copilot account, scrutinizing warnings, acting upon threats, and researching events without any more accounts.

2. B2B Collaboration

In this method, you create guest accounts in your tenant and then invite individual users from your MSSP to log in to your tenant. This access allows them to perform critical security tasks like analyzing security alerts, investigating incidents, responding to threats, and whatnot.

Benefits of B2B Collaboration
  • Quick Access: No complex procedures required to secure MSSP collaboration.
  • Clear Accountability: By single-account access, everyone’s activity is easily traceable.

B2B Collaboration vs. GDAP: Granting MSSPs Access to Copilot for Security

FeatureB2B CollaborationGDAP (Granular Delegated Admin Privileges)
Access MethodIndividual user accounts created for authorized MSSP personnel in your tenant.Permissions granted to the MSSP. They can manage security groups and assign access in Copilot for Security.
User ExperiencePartner’s users log in directly to your Copilot with their individual credentials.Their users leverage their existing tenant credentials (if applicable) or utilize designated accounts in your tenant.
Security ModelRelies on individual user accountability with separate logins & audit trails.Offers more granular control over access levels within Copilot functionalities, managed by the security team.
Onboarding ComplexityRelatively simple setup. It requires the creation of user accounts for MSSP personnel.May require more configuration in Copilot to define specific permissions for the MSSP.
Best Use CaseIdeal for smaller MSSP teams or situations where specific users require access to specific Copilot functionalities.Suitable for larger MSSP teams where centralized control over access and permissions is desired.

How does Copilot for Security work?

Microsoft Copilot for Security uses generative AI capabilities to process user prompts and while generating contextual responses​, it enhances security outcomes by helping security professionals to perform tasks like incident response, threat hunting, intelligence gathering, posture management, and whatnot.

Copilot for Security easily integrates with Microsoft Security products including Defender XDR, Microsoft Sentinel, Intune, etc. using plugins and proprietary Microsoft tech to deliver an immersive experience.

Padlock with Keyhole in data security on circuit. Modern safety

How to Set up Copilot Security?

First of all, your users need an Azure subscription and Entra ID enrollment (previously, Azure AD). The setup involves integration with Microsoft Security tools and configuration of third-party plugins (if necessary).

Detailed documentation and support resources are available on Microsoft’s website.

How much will the security Copilot cost?

Microsoft’ Copilot for Security uses a pay-as-you-go model. Its pricing is based on consumption, measured in Security Compute Units (SCUs). You can start with a minimum provision of 3 SCUs per hour ($4 per hour).

You can utilize Microsoft’s pricing calculator on their Azure website to estimate costs according to your specific usage.​

The Power of Partnership: Unleash the Benefits of Granting MSSP Access for Copilot

When you give your MSSP partner secure access to Copilot for Security, you are doing more than making their job easier.

You’re unearthing a treasure chest of benefits that elevate your security program.

Leverage World-class Security Expertise

MSSPs as Your Security Braintrust: Your MSSP has seen it all and is on the cutting edge of the latest in cybersecurity threats.

They can work with Copilot for Security hand in hand to provide a second eye in case something is just off – something your busy team running Copilot and other IT services may miss.

Go from Alert Tidal Wave to Actionable Information

False alarms are possible with Copilot since automated systems cannot think like humans. An MSSP can virtually prioritize the automated alerts your systems send through Copilot and act as an extra layer to flag “most likely a problem” alerts.

Here’s how your alert life can change:

  • Improve Alert Operation: MSSPs can use your already-in-place Copilot dynamic learning and automation to prioritize and put aside 9 out of 10 false alarms. Suddenly, it’s a stream of knowledge, not a fire hydrant of information!
  • Intervention Response: MSSPs can use their own skills based on what they see coming from Copilot to speed up the clock when the bad guys hit. This can save you hours or even days and potentially millions of dollars.

Outsource Your Security Headache: What Would You Do with More Man-hours?

  • An MSSP can answer the endless security questions Copilot for Security brings to your security team every day. This frees up your team to do other chores and to advocate and find strategies to save you money in security over the long term.
  • Allow for in-house Policy Building: An MSSP can help you build a security-minded business culture which can save you lots of money in insurance policies in the future.

In the end, allowing your MSSP partners exclusive access to Copilot for Security is an investment in a harder and increasingly difficult security posture.

Your Copilot for Security tenant and your MSSP can work as one to combat whatever comes your way.

Imagine A Use Case: Granting Partners access to Microsoft Copilot for Security

Healthcare Provider Strengthens Security with MSSP Empowered with Copilot for Security

It is vital to protect sensitive patient information in the current data-driven landscape of healthcare.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare Providers: Protecting Patient Data

A leading healthcare provider could not handle the growing volume of security alerts and had few in-house security resources. Thus, the organization decided to seek the help of a Managed Security Service Provider and got secure access to Microsoft Copilot for Security for the MSSP.

Microsoft-365-Copilot_png 2

The strategies implemented by the MSSP included the following:

  1. Automated Alert Triage: Copilot’s machine learning helped the MSSP sift through security alerts and prioritize threats to investigate. This way they freed the healthcare provider’s security team to pursue high-impact incident response.
  2. Proactive Threat Hunting: The MSSP, leveraging Copilot’s threat intelligence, proactively scanned the organization’s environment for soft spots. This approach allowed the healthcare provider to address potential threats before they could be used against them.
  3. Streamlined Incident Response: Utilizing the prioritized alerts and the MSSP’s expertise, the healthcare provider was able to respond to security incidents more swiftly and effectively. They reduced overall damage and downtime.

The Benefits of Empowering the MSSP with Coploit for Security

  • They found threats 37% faster, which translated into a faster time to containment and resolution of security incidents.
  • They had a 45% reduction in successful cyber-attacks because they enhanced the monitoring and proactive defense strategies.
  • Security operation optimization and reduction in the need for strong in-house expertise generally led to a 25% reduction in cybersecurity costs.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA dramatically improved, with fewer compliance violations reported thereafter.
  • Data breaches concerning patient information decreased by more than 40%, with the help of advanced data protection mechanisms.
  • Improved response time of incidents by 50%, reducing the impact of a cyber threat.
  • It increased the detection of highly sophisticated phishing attempts by 30%, protecting sensitive health information.
  • 80% improvement in employee awareness and cybersecurity practices, after the MSSP training modules.
  • The security audit scores improved by 35%, meaning a better security posture.
  • Optimization of resource allocations and enhanced security automation, contributing to a reduction of 20% in annual spending on IT security.

This case study demonstrated the benefits of working with an MSSP to use Copilot for Security. When a team of security experts combines forces with innovative technology that delivers AI-powered automation, organizations can achieve a superior level of security performance while focusing on their business demands for proper data processing.

Safety Essentials: Partnership Between MSSPs and Copilot for Security 

Remember, granting partner access is a balancing act.

You are giving your MSSP more authority to engage in your security. So, maintaining a balance here is truly the key to preserving your control over your data and business.

Find the Balance: The Need for RBAC

No matter what access type you choose for your MSSP  partner, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is essential. This involves ensuring that specific features and functionalities in Copilot for Security can only be accessed by authorized persons.

This reduces unnecessary exposure and prevents unauthorized access to your critical data.

Conclusion: Partner for Peak Security

Battle against the threat landscape continues. We suggest a more proactive and holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Granting partners access to Microsoft Copilot for Security brings the following to the table:

  • More Expertise: The AI in Copilot is good, but MSSPs are a force multiplier, bringing dedicated expertise to leverage AI to its fullest.
  • More Defense: Detect & prevent even the subtlest threat, so no more downtime and reputation loss. 
  • More Focus: Divide & coordinate responsibilities and stay focused on long-term strategic security initiatives with internal teams.

In practice, empowering your MSSP with access to Copilot for Security is an investment in a broader and sustainable security posture.

To learn more about granting partner access and all the amazing things you can do, please consult the Microsoft documentation.

Choose WME as Your MSSP Partner

At WME, we know that solving the puzzle of today’s threat landscape is complex and unique to each organization.

We are an established MSSP that stands ready with strong experience in Microsoft security solutions, including Copilot for Security.

We’ll expedite granting access to Copilot for Security…

Proven Expertise

Our security professionals not only are certified in Microsoft security solutions but deeply know the Copilot functionality.

We understand your specific security needs and configure the access to your partners for the most efficient results. We take the guesswork out of onboarding.

Our extended training program ensures that your MSSP users know how the platform works and how to get the most out of it.

Ongoing Support

Be sure that we stand by your side.

Once you are on board, we provide security consultations regularly, access reviews, and monitoring of efficient use of the platform.

Be sure that WME as your MSSP means dependable security.

We will adopt your security access controls, maintain an optimal level of your use of the platform, and always be there for you when you most need it.

Windows Management Experts

All in all, when you grant partners access to Microsoft Copilot for Security to us, you partner for peace of mind. We will enable your MSSP to get the most from Copilit for more effective and efficient security, allowing you to carry on with your business without fear. Are you ready to collaborate with us with Copilot for Security?

We are now a Microsoft Solutions Partner for:

✓ Data & AI

✓ Digital and App Innovation

✓ Infrastructure

✓ Security

The Solutions Partner badge highlights WME’s excellence and commitment. Microsoft’s thorough evaluation ensures we’re skilled, deliver successful projects, and prioritize security over everything. This positions WME in a global tech community, ready to innovate on the cloud for your evolving business needs.



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