Is Staff Augmentation Right for Your Business?

Recent times have shown nearly all businesses the importance of being robust and adaptable to changing market conditions and realities. If your business looks drastically different today than it did in 2019, you are in good company. According to a study by the UPS Store, 41% of small business owners in the USA have pivoted their business operations in the wake of COVID-19. 

If one of your top concerns right now is keeping your business sustainable by staying lean and keeping overhead expenses low, IT Staff Augmentation may be the perfect solution. 

Staff Augmentation vs Managed IT

Staff Augmentation is distinct from other types of professional IT services such as Managed IT. With a Managed IT service provider, your business hires the Managed IT company to handle all the licensing, upkeep, and security of your business’s IT, typically as a long term alternative to having an in-house IT department. In a typical managed IT contract, you will have multiple experts handling your workload and fielding support desk tickets, rather than a single dedicated temporary team member. Managed IT service providers don’t typically work alongside your internal teams, rather they provide the infrastructure and support to allow your business to function in a digital world. 

With Staff Augmentation services, your internal hiring managers conduct 2nd and 3rd round interviews to ensure the perfect fit for the project and the team they will be working with. Typically, the contracted hire is brought on for a temporary or short term project with a clear end date or objective. 

Reasons to Consider Staff Augmentation

Workforce on Demand: Using staff augmentation allows your business to increase capacity when there is a spike in business or production, be it customer demand or seasonal rushes. Rather than onboarding seasonal employees and stretching your HR department thin managing their hours and payroll for a short span of time, a staffing contract allows you to get qualified and professional help exactly when you need it. You only pay for the work you need. 

Long Term or Temp-to-Perm Hires: While staff augmentation works out great for short term projects, it is a great option when you have a full time role to fill, too. Staff augmentation services with a temp-to-perm conversion policy essentially serve as a trial hire period. In this scenario, the staffing service carries the risk of the hire not working out, which saves your business thousands of dollars in recruiting and onboarding costs in the event of a bad fit. 

Specialized One Off Projects: Sometimes you know your business does not need a full time or permanent employee with a certain expertise, but you need one right now for a limited period of time on a certain one-off project. For instance, a UX Design firm may not always need a talented Laravel developer, but for a particularly unique client project, it may require exactly that. Rather than search for and hire a Laravel developer for a single project, and then try to find work for them to do on all your other contracts, Windows Management Experts can find you an expert Laravel developer to complete the project at hand, and part on good terms at the completion of the project. 

Expand Your Geographic Possibilities: Our network contains over 25,000 highly qualified & vetted tech professionals around the globe. If your business sells and supports a SAAS product, how much new business could your company see if you had 24/7 help-desk agents to provide fast and polished support to customers around the world during the months leading up to and following a new release? All that without having to ask your full time agents to sacrifice their nights and weekends or work costly overtime shifts. 

The Bottom Line

IT Staff Augmentation can provide businesses with a number of operational and economic benefits, including lower development and operational costs, less risk and paperwork, less recruitment spending, increased output and team size, and more flexibility to adapt to the changing marketplace. 

With a vast network of over 25,000 highly skilled professionals and a turnaround time of 48-72 hours for your list of candidates, global support, guaranteed customer satisfaction with a 2 week trial period, and more, Windows Management Experts is the ONLY IT Staffing agency you need to call for all your temp services and management consulting needs. Call (888) 307-0133 today to receive a free staffing consultation and see how much more agile your business can be!



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