MMS 2011 Key Notes -3/21/2010

Here are some of the notes taken from the key notes at MMS 2010 on 3/21/2011. Enjoy!

MMS 2011 Key Notes

Empowered by the cloud.

Speaker: Brad Anderson

Cloud and Consumerization of IT

Cloud Computing

– Make the cloud approachable is key for IT To use key.

When we talk about clolud, we talk about the model wherever cloud is running. There are a few core things about the cloud:

  1. Self Service – real time deployment
  2. Shared Infrastructure
  3. Applications scalable as business needs it
  4. Usage based – business understands what it is consuming
  5. These are independent of location

IT As A Service

– Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service.

Microsoft Data Center investments

– Quincy, Des Moines, Japan, Hong Kong, Signapore, Dublin, San ANTONIO, Chicago,

-There are about 200 services that run in these data centers

Public Cloud Learning

  1. Extreme Standardization :
  2. Business Ailgnment – Service Specific environment – service owner can configure compute, resource and network
  3. SLA Driven Architecture – applications are built with failure in mind. Architect in such a way that the application is architect in such a way as to not have a single point of failure
  4. Process Maturity –
    1. Re-imaged Processes
    2. Automation
    3. Change Control
    4. Customer Self Service – delegation and control. Owner of the applications have full control over the constraints delegated by infrastructure for their business

How do we deliver the cloud?

  1. Hyper-V
  2. System Center

 HP Private Cloud at MMS

– 400 labs going at one time. 1600 virtual machines provisioned in less then 10 minutes. 32 blade servers partitioned into a single cloud.

Optimized for Microsoft Workloads

– Hyper-v R2 SP1

System Center 2012

– Service Consumer and Service Provider work hand in hand.

– Service Provider builds out infrastructure, provides SLA to business, how do you deliver the SLA using given network in a given time

  • Delegation and Control
  • Flexible and Elastic
  • Cost Efficiency

– Service Consumer – Application Owner

  • Simplicity, agility, self service, application visibility/control and agility
  • Typically these are application owner


  • Self service portal build for the self service consumer.  This is a new product.
  • Jeremy Winter – Project Unit Manager of Concero
  • Consistent view into services and applications running on the cloud servers
  • – Service model – all applications and servers that are comprised of the service

 Tools to be used by the service provider to provide to the consumer

  1. Delivering the private cloud – infrastructure – diverse infrastructure, logical/standardized, delegated cloud.

– XEN, ESX and Hyper-V support across to support all hyper-visor.

– VMM 2012 can communicate with DCM, etc. to discover bare metal machines.

SCOM 2012

  • State of network connections, availability of network devices and metrics (average response time and utilization)

Microsoft Customer service and support

Knowledge Base

  • Your cloud has wisdom about infrastructure and application. Inherent knowledge of OS and applications running on them.
  • Build a services and bring in configurations to do it.  Implemented through System Center Advisor.

System Center Advisor

  • Using OpsMgr agent (or without agent using Azure) will track all configuration changes, roll it up to azure service and compare it to all knowledge and wisdom of the service.
  • Customer Configuration are analyzed with best practice configuration

Advisor Demo

  • Brjann Brekkan – Sr. Technical Product Manager – Management and Security
  • Hyper-V, AD, SQL are the supported applications for Advisor so far.
  • Rules run, evaluates the updates and lets you get more information on how to resolve issue.
  • Scenario: nothing changed, etc.  Overview of all configuration changes made, including previous value and updated value. Lets you see what may have changed in the environment. With Advisor, you are looking at the servers and changes.
  • Software Assurance on Windows server – you are licensed to use advisor
  • Software assurance for exchange – you are licensed to use on exchange servers
  • Beta is available for Advisor

Architecture of the application

  • State of app is separate from the OS
  • Separate app out from OS and leverage common OS images across cloud. You can treat them as two separate entities. 
  • Leverage common OS image, you reduce the number of OS images to care for. By leveraging modesl and think about how to deploy managed service, you can reuse common OS image so you can reduce to single digit numbers the number of images

Demo VMM 2012

  • Service template – captures all settings to deploy the service each time. VMM tracks templates and services deployed from it so when you update the template you know what services to update.
  • Manage Service Levels is the key to moving to the cloud. Using templates available in SCVM, giving ownership to service owner, etc.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta – released today

 SLA Management

  • As we work with customers, we guarantee the SLA based on dollars. If we don’t meet the SLA we don’t expect customers to pay. In OpsMgr 2012, we’ve done a lot of work in dashboards and creating them easily.

AviCode – .net framework MP

  • – Shilpa Ranganathan – Operations and Service Management
  • – Avi codes client experience monitoring functionality lets you tell you what is wrong . Can tell you how long it took for the page to load.
  • – How do you get to the root cause of the issue and identify if there is an application issue or a developer issue. You can actually drill into the code and identify where the latency is resides all the way down to the SP that executed. Nothing needs to be changed in the code by the developer to use AviCode.
  • – Health of the Application outside the opsmgr. Published Dashboard to Sharepoint.

Project Concero

  • Sits on top of VMM 2012. Drops on top of existing System Center architecture.
  • Take OpsMgr health information and identify the health of the service compared to best practice.
  • Consumer can now do their job within the rights defined by the service provider

There are three things to enable us to build private cloud:

  1. Embrace cloud on your terms
  2. Microsoft workloads best on hyper-v
  3. System Center brings wisdom to your cloud. Its all about the application.             



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