Update Image Process – In Hyper-V

1.  Open up Hyper-V Manager and find your reference images in the Virtual Machines panel. Click on the item that you want to update,  in this case we will update W7X64ENT01.


 2.  In the Checkpoints panel, right click on the Prior to Prepare for Sysprep checkpoint, click Apply.


3.  @ the Apply Checkpoint popup, click on Apply.


4.  Right click on your virtual machine and click Start, the Right click on your virtual machine, click Connect.


5.  You are now ready to update your machine with the latest updates, add/remove software, and customize the default administrator profile.


6.  Once you have completed the update of the virtual machine and have completed all of the pending reboots, you will need to take a snapshot of the machine, this will allow you to roll back to this for the next update cycle. Open up Hyper-V Manager and find your reference images in the Virtual Machines panel. Click on the item that you want to update, in this case we will update W7X64ENT01.


7.  Right click on the virtual machine, click on Checkpoint.


8. Once checkpoint has been created, right click on the checkpoint and click rename, we will rename this to “Prior to preparing for Sysprep – 4/1/2015.”


9. Once completed with the new sysprep you will return to the machine to proceed.


10. Mount the Build_Utils.iso file on your virtual machine, will be on the root of the H:\ Drive. @ the AutoPlay popup, click “Open folder to view files”

   NOTE: The Build_Utils.iso contains files that will be used to prepare the machine for Sysprep and Capture.


11. Browse the contents of the mounted ISO, go to the Build and Capture folder. We will execute the CleanUp.vbs and the CleanUpWSUS.bat files to clean up the machine.


12. Once the scripts have completed, browse to the Settings directory on the mounted ISO. You will need to copy the files in this folder to locations on the C:\ drive of the virtual machine. Copy the SETTASKBAR.VBS file to the following location: “C:\ Users \ Administrator \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup”


13. Copy the unattend.xml file from the Build_Util.iso to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep, then eject the Build_Utils.iso from the virtual machine.


14.  Execute c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe, check the box to Generalize and click on Shutdown for the Shutdown Options, click Ok. Sysprep will run and shutdown the machine.


15. Once the machine is shutoff, you will need to mount the Generic_x64.iso to the machine, then boot the Virtual Machine to mounted ISO, will be on the root of the H:\ Drive.

 NOTE: The Generic_x64.iso was created using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit


16. Once your virtual machine has booted up to the command prompt, you will need to mount the Build_Utils.iso file again. Change the drive letters to find the letter of the OSDrive and the mounted ISO. We will be using D: for the OSDrive and E: for the mounted ISO. Execute the following command:

17.  Imagex /capture d: d:\W7X64ENTGOLD.WIM “Windows 7 x64 Gold Image”


18. Capture of the image begins


19. Once completed you will need to copy the WIM file to the SCCM server so it can be imported. Once you have imported it into SCCM and validated that the image is functional, remove the old checkpoints from the Hyper-V server as they won’t be necessary anymore.




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