Weekly Tip 56

Set Service to Delay Start

Beginning with Windows 7, a new startup method for services exists. “Automatic (Delayed Start)” will start a service when the operating system boots, but wait for certain amount of time before starting to give the OS a chance to boot. This helps to speed up login times. Unfortunately, few of the tools we use to manage services such as PowerShell have caught up. There is one command line tool that you can use called “sc.exe”. To set the service to delayed start, run this command (notice the space between the equals sign “=” and delay-auto):

sc.exe config <service name> start= delay-auto


sc.exe config ccmexec start= delay-auto

There’s also two registry keys that affect this setting. For each service, there should be a “Start” and “DelayedAutoStart” DWORD registry key. The “Start” key should be set to “2”, while the “DelayedAutoStart” key should be set to “1”. These keys are located at HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\<service name>. You can use these keys in Compliance Rules in ConfigMgr, or anywhere else. I would use sc.exe to set the service, though. It’s cleaner.



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