7 Powerful Features of Softerra Adaxes

7 Powerful Features of Softerra Adaxes

Softerra Adaxes is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that empowers organizations to streamline and automate their administrative tasks.

It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance security, improve productivity, and simplify management processes. With Softerra Adaxes, businesses can centrally manage user accounts, enforce security policies, automate provisioning and deprovisioning processes, enable self-service capabilities, and much more.

In this blog post, we’ll explore seven game-changing features of Adaxes that will transform the way you oversee your AD environment. From fine-grained role-based access control to streamlined workflow, it empowers you to achieve unparalleled efficiency and customization.

Let’s uncover the Adaxes Magic…

1. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Fine-grained permissions via RBAC is a powerful capability offered by Softerra Adaxes, enabling organizations to establish precise control over access rights and permissions within their Active Directory environment.

Defining Roles for User Access

With RBAC, organizations can define and assign roles to users based on their responsibilities and job functions, ensuring that each user has the appropriate level of access to perform their tasks while maintaining security and compliance.

Granular Approach to Access Control

The RBAC feature in Adaxes goes beyond simple user groups and provides a more granular and flexible approach to access control. Instead of granting permissions directly to individual users, permissions are assigned to roles, and users are assigned to those roles. This separation of duties:

  • Simplifies permission management,
  • Reduces administrative overhead,
  • Enhances security by implementing the principle of least privilege.

Fine-grained permissions can be applied at various levels within the Active Directory hierarchy, including organizational units (OUs), containers, objects, and attributes.

Customizable Permissions and Role Membership

These permissions encompass a wide range of administrative tasks, such as:

  • Creating and deleting user accounts,
  • Modifying group memberships,
  • Managing organizational units,
  • Resetting passwords,
  • and Modifying object attributes.

Admins can also define custom permissions to align with their specific business requirements.

RBAC in Adaxes offers flexibility in defining role membership. Users can be assigned to multiple roles, allowing for a fine-tuned combination of permissions based on their responsibilities and access requirements.

Enhanced Security with Security Roles

To further enhance security, Adaxes supports the concept of security roles. Security roles restrict administrative access to sensitive areas of the Active Directory, such as privileged user accounts or critical system resources.

By defining security roles, you can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to these high-impact areas, minimizing the risk of unauthorized modifications or data breaches.

2. Self-Service Password Reset with Multiple Verification Options

Empowering Users and Streamlining Support

One of the most valuable features offered by Softerra Adaxes is its Self-Service Password Reset functionality, which allows users to regain access to their accounts independently, reducing reliance on IT help desks. This capability not only enhances user productivity but also alleviates the burden on IT support staff, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Multiple Verification Options for Enhanced Security

To ensure the security of the password reset process, Adaxes provides users with multiple verification options, offering flexibility based on their preferences and available contact information. The options typically are:

  • Security Questions
  • SMS Codes
  • Email Notifications

Configurable Security Settings for Added Protection

To further enhance security, Adaxes includes configurable settings such as password complexity requirements and account lockout policies. These settings help enforce strong password standards and protect against unauthorized access attempts.

All in all, Adaxes allows organizations to strike a balance between user convenience and robust security, enhancing the overall password management experience.

3. Workflow Automation for Streamlining and Enforcing Business Processes

Adaxes offers a powerful capability, Workflow Automation.

This feature enables organizations to streamline and enforce their business processes by automating repetitive and manual tasks, reducing human error, improving efficiency, and ensuring consistency across operations.

Creating Custom Workflows for Business Processes

Workflows help you define a series of steps and actions that need to be executed in a predefined order. This allows for the automation of complex, multi-step processes that involve different stakeholders and departments.

Automating User Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Instead of manually creating and configuring user accounts, Adaxes workflows can automate processes based on predefined rules and criteria. This ensures that new users are provisioned with the necessary resources and permissions promptly, while also ensuring that departing employees’ accounts are deactivated and resources are securely and efficiently managed.

Enforcing Approval Processes & Authorization

Workflow automation in Adaxes enables organizations to enforce approval processes and authorization workflows. For example, before certain changes are implemented, such as modifying group memberships or granting elevated privileges, designated approvers can be notified and required to review and approve the requested changes. This ensures proper governance and compliance with internal policies.

Managing Service Desk Requests & Incidents

When a user submits a service request or reports an incident, Adaxes workflows can automatically assign the ticket to the appropriate support team, escalate based on predefined criteria, and track the progress until resolution. This ensures timely responses, reduces manual coordination efforts, and improves service delivery.

Integrating with External Systems & Services

For instance, workflows can trigger actions in other applications, such as provisioning user accounts in other business systems or updating data in HR systems. By connecting various systems and automating data synchronization, organizations can achieve a seamless flow of information across their IT landscape. 

Auditing and Reporting on Workflow Execution  

Adaxes provides robust auditing and reporting capabilities for workflow execution. You can track the progress, outcomes, and exceptions of workflows, allowing for comprehensive visibility and analysis. This data can be leveraged to identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.  

4. Easy Interface For Non-Technical Staff in AD Management

Adaxes offers a web-based interface that extends Active Directory management capabilities to non-technical staff, providing them with the tools and access they need to perform various tasks without requiring deep technical knowledge.

This capability has the following benefits:

Simplified User Account Management

Instead of relying on IT personnel for routine tasks such as creating new user accounts, modifying user attributes, or resetting passwords, non-technical staff can leverage the user-friendly web interface to perform these actions independently.

This reduces dependency on IT help desks, saves time, and empowers staff to handle their own user management responsibilities.

Effortless Group Management

Non-technical staff can easily add or remove users from groups, create new groups, or modify group properties without any in-depth knowledge of AD. This functionality enables streamlined collaboration and ensures that users have the appropriate access to resources based on their roles and responsibilities.

Intuitive Organizational Unit (OU) Management

Non-savvy can create, modify, and organize OUs within the Active Directory structure. This capability allows them to align the AD hierarchy with their organizational structure, improving efficiency and facilitating better control over resources and permissions.

Seamless Password Policy Configuration

Leverage a straightforward way for non-technical staff to configure and manage password policies.

Instead of delving into complex technical settings, users can easily:

  • Define password complexity requirements,
  • Set expiration policies,
  • Establish password lockout thresholds.

Intelligent User Self-Service Options

For example, users can update their contact information, modify personal details, or request access to specific resources through the web interface. This self-service functionality reduces administrative overhead and enhances user satisfaction by providing individuals with control over their own information and access privileges.

5. Reporting for Enhanced Insights and Data Analysis

Adaxes offers robust Active Directory reporting capabilities, allowing you to leverage valuable insights into their directory data. As a result, you can analyze, monitor, and extract meaningful information from Active Directory, leading to informed decision-making, improved security, and streamlined operations.

Comprehensive Reporting on User Accounts

Get comprehensive reporting on user accounts, enabling administrators to access detailed information about user attributes, permissions, group memberships, and more.

Administrators can track account activities, monitor changes, and identify potential security risks or compliance issues. As a result, you can ensure right access and permissions.

Group Membership Analysis and Auditing

AD reporting in Adaxes includes detailed group membership analysis and auditing capabilities.

You can generate reports that provide a comprehensive view of group memberships, including nested groups, and identify potential security vulnerabilities or conflicts.

Password & Account Security Analysis

Adaxes reporting features allow you to analyze password security and account statuses.

Reports can provide insights into:

  • Password complexity,
  • Expiration dates,
  • Account lockouts.

By monitoring these aspects, admins can:

  • Enforce strong password policies,
  • Identify weak passwords,
  • Access comprehensive account status,
  • Proactively address potential security threats,
  • Identify/address inactive accounts.
  • And more

Ultimately reducing security risks associated with unattended or compromised accounts. On top of that, Admins can also gain insights into replication status, domain controllers’ operational status, and overall directory health.

Change Tracking and Compliance Reporting

Adaxes enables administrators to track changes made to Active Directory objects and generate comprehensive change-tracking reports.

These reports capture modifications, deletions, and additions to objects, allowing administrators to review and audit changes for compliance and security purposes.

Customizable Reporting for Business-Specific Needs

Admins can select the desired data fields, filters, and formats to generate reports that align with their unique reporting needs. Customizable reporting ensures that organizations can extract the most relevant information from Active Directory and present it in a format that facilitates decision-making and analysis.

By leveraging the power of Active Directory reporting, organizations can unlock the full potential of their directory data and gain a deeper understanding of their infrastructure, leading to enhanced efficiency, improved security, and optimized AD management.

6. Automation Policies Streamlining Repetitive Administrative Tasks

Adaxes allows admins to reduce the manual effort for ensuring consistency across their AD management processes. By leveraging Automation Policies, administrators can streamline operations, save time, and focus on more strategic initiatives.

Automating User Onboarding and Offboarding

One key use case for Automation Policies is automating the user onboarding and offboarding processes.

With predefined policies, Adaxes allows without manual intervention:  

  • Automatic provisioning of new user accounts,
  • Assigning appropriate group memberships,
  • Configuration of access to necessary resources,
  • Deactivating of accounts of inactive users,
  • Revoking of group memberships.
  • And more

Streamlining Group Management

You can automate common tasks such as:

  • Adding or removing members,
  • Modifying group properties,
  • Synchronizing group memberships.
  • And more

By defining policies, organizations can ensure that group changes are implemented consistently and promptly, reducing the risk of manual errors and ensuring that access to resources is in harmony with business requirements.

Adaxes Offers Comprehensive Automation: 

  • Enforcing Compliance and Security Policies
  • Managing Organizational Units (OUs) and Hierarchies
  • Efficient Workflow Orchestration
  • Event-Driven Automation

All in all, with Automation Policies, admins can focus on higher-value activities while Adaxes handles routine tasks, enabling them to optimize productivity, enhance security, and achieve operational excellence in their Active Directory environment.

7. Easy Admin Console for Customized AD Management

It’s a web-based administration console that allows organizations to tailor their management experience according to their specific needs and preferences.

Designing a User-Centric Interface

Admins can design their own type of interface that complements their preferred layout, design elements, and functionality.

Adapting Navigation and Menu Structures

You can rearrange menu items, create custom navigation paths, and simplify access to frequently used functions.

Creating Custom Dashboards and Views

Get quick information and easy access to essential data and actions via personalized dashboards that display relevant metrics, charts, and reports, allowing them to monitor the health and performance of AS.  

Tailoring Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

You can tailor permissions and access levels based on your organizational structure and security requirements, and ultimately define fine-grained RBAC policies, granting or restricting access to specific functions, data, and areas within the administration console.

Integration of Third-Party Tools and Widgets

Admins can integrate, for example, reporting or monitoring solutions, directly into the console, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications.

Responsive Design for Multi-Device Accessibility

A view that can adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Moreover, you can customize AD consoles from desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.  

Wrapping it Up: 

Softerra Adaxes empowers organizations to optimize their directory infrastructure like never before. The journey to Active Directory excellence begins with Softerra Adaxes, and with WME’s Adaxes Integration Services, you can take your implementation to the next level.  

Contact us today to learn more about how our Adaxes Integration Services can transform your Active Directory management and drive your organization toward unparalleled success.



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