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Cyber threats are everywhere and the legal industry is no exception. In fact, they are evolving quite rapidly here. Already, more than 50% of legal organizations experience cyber breaches every year and the situation is only worsening with time.

So, legal organizations and law firms must protect their operations and precious client data from cyberattacks. One way to beef up the security of your law firm is by outsourcing its digital security to a Managed cybersecurity provider.

This is an effective way for legal organizations to protect their business from any kind of cyber attack. You can also train your internal teams to take up the cybersecurity initiative on their own. Or, you can purchase some one-time cybersecurity solutions as well. The choice is yours. Once you have a proper understanding of the threat landscape and the solutions you need, the decision becomes easy.

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The banking sector is quickly shifting to online where both customers and banks are happy with the convenience of their homes. In fact, online banking has revolutionized the way we manage our finances.

We can easily pay bills, transfer funds, and whatnot. However, with this convenience comes the pressing need for cybersecurity as well.

The world of online banking is not without its risks, for sure. So, both customers and fintech organizations have to be vigilant so that the precious customer data is safe.

In this comprehensive blog post, we talk about the threats that fintech institutions are facing and what technological advancements can make their systems secure. We will explore some best practices designed to protect both customers and organizations from the ever-evolving array of cyber threats.

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The medical sector is highly vulnerable to data breaches as it is host to a plethora of sensitive patient and financial records.

On the Dark Web, a single patient record can fetch between $300 to $1,200, in stark contrast to credit card and Social Security numbers, which sell for only $10 and 

$2, respectively. These patient records are rich in personal and health details. They include vital pieces of information:

  • Names,
  • Addresses,
  • Medical backgrounds,
  • Insurance specifics,
  • Social Security numbers,
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Modern businesses are fast moving toward cloud-based infrastructure. In fact, cloud-based business is not just a trend anymore but a strategic necessity.

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has become a frontrunner in this domain. It offers a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution. 

It’s a favorite IAM tool among enterprises looking to efficiently manage their identity and access management needs.

However, for organizations deeply rooted in on-prem Active Directory setups, the leap to Azure AD comes with a huge synchronization and consistency challenge. Basically, they need to integrate their existing AD framework with Azure AD’s advanced capabilities. For this purpose, Azure AD Connect is the key. It seamlessly bridges the gap between the on-prem and cloud services, and ensures no ambiguity surfaces.

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