Did you know: Microsoft is improving how Microsoft 365 retention policies and labels work

Did you know: Microsoft is improving how Microsoft 365 retention policies and labels work for SharePoint Online and OneDrive. This change will introduce a new retention engine to process these policies aimed at improving scalability and consistency across Microsoft 365 applications.

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When this will happen

Microsoft will start rolling out this update in July of 2020 and finish rolling it out by August of 2020.

How this will affect your organization

This change should not provide disruption, however If you are using retention policies and retention labels combined within the same location of SharePoint Online or OneDrive you might notice a difference on which one “wins” (takes precedence) and therefore which one is enforced as this update will evaluate both together and will resolve the “winning” policy. It is possible you might see a change in behavior due to these changes.

What you need to do to prepare

If you are using both retention labels and retention policies on SharePoint Online sites or OneDrive accounts, review them to ensure that the resolution of which one will take precedence per our principles of retention matches your expectation and if it doesn’t you can update them to produce the right behavior.

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