Did You Know WME Offers Premium IT Staffing?

You may know Windows Management Experts as your first stop for IT projects and systems deployments, but you should make WME your first and last stop for all things IT. In addition to managed services, Azure virtual desktop, and Microsoft security essentials, WME also offers premier staffing services and employee solutions. 

As the U.S. economy inches forward in a volatile global marketplace, many businesses are going to great lengths to stay lean and mitigate costly risks. That makes IT staffing one of the safest ways to recruit and retain talent when you need it, and part ways with no hard feelings when you don’t.

Working with Windows Management Experts on staffing eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of advertising a resource need, screening all the applicants, negotiating salaries, and awaiting start date availability. IT staffing eliminates all the overhead and lets your hiring manager focus on the best one or two candidates for the job that have already been screened, tech checked, and vetted. Staffing services also allow you to take on top experts in specialized technologies to complete short-term projects (3 to 6 months), or rapidly staff up your support volume to keep up with seasonal or unexpected boosts in business. 

Our speed, top talent network, and unique guarantee are especially valuable in today’s economy. The average company spends about $4,000 to hire one new employee and, on average, the process takes 42 days, according to research by the Society for Human Resources Management.  

Our Unique Approach

Windows Management Experts has access to a diverse candidate pool of over 15,000 highly capable experts in their fields. With a global presence to support clients and customers in multiple locations within North America and beyond, there is no role WME cannot fill. 

Meet The Best Candidates Fast – We promise your first two candidates within 72 hours of a new order qualification. With our proprietary screening processes, we make sure only the best candidates for your open position are presented to you. 

WME uses a highly selective screening process with three stages, whereas most staffing and temp agencies only perform one layer of screening to check for general knowledge of the items listed on a candidate’s resume.

  1. WME performs a screening with candidates to address career goals and organizational preferences.
  2. A WME Senior Architect performs a deep-dive technical interview to truly vet the candidate’s skill level and abilities, including testing for specific client-provided skills and knowledge. 
  3. WME’s staffing team performs a third layer of screening to include predictive testing, hands-on assessments, reference checks, drug tests, and more. 

Once a candidate has cleared the intense level of scrutiny all WME staffing candidates must undergo, the top two candidates are presented to your company to interview onsite or remotely with your team. Here’s how we differentiate ourselves at this stage of the process:

Avoid Conflicts of Interest All candidates presented will be separated by 3 degrees from those already working at your company, reducing the risk of conflicts or unforthcoming interdepartmental “poaching.”

The WME Guarantee –  All contracts or positions filled through WME are backed by a two-week test-run guarantee. If you aren’t entirely satisfied with the candidate after two weeks, we will replace the candidate at no cost. 

Flexible Temp to Perm Conversion – If our candidate is your “unicorn” and you want to take them on as a permanent, full-time employee, WME offers a conversion option with no placement fees after a certain number of contract hours have been met. 

The Bottom Line

Windows Management Experts offers you a strong partnership by working together to put the best talent in your hands. Our recruiting team is niched by technology skills and vertical, with dedicated recruiters for each client. 

WME’s candidate pool is composed of top talent from all over North America and beyond, with 50% of candidates representing diverse or minority candidates. Diversity and Inclusion has been a keystone of our services from day one, with strong regional affiliations with organizations like the Independence Business Alliance, Beacon, The Women’s Business Enterprise Council – East, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and more. 

With our expertise in Windows, Virtual Desktop, cloud security, and remote managed services, Windows Management Experts has steadily grown since our founding in 2008, and remains 100% debt-free to this day. In 2019, WME was recognized as #8 in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Philadelphia by the Annual Philly 100 Awards. On a national scale, WME ranked #1171 on the Inc 5000 2020 with an impressive growth rate of 386.61%. With our proven track record and an ever-growing pool of highly sought-after tech talent, there’s no doubt WME is a winning bet. 

Need more information? Contact our Executive Vice President of Strategic Staffing Vickie Moore at 888-307-0133 or email vmoore@winmgmtexperts.com today.



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