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Having Microsoft Solution Partner Competencies in Security, Modern Work & Infrastructure, we also pride ourselves on the trust of Inc. 5000. We understand that between finalizing strategic decisions, optimizing HR, and building a thriving company culture to grab success in the next decade, you have a lot on your plate. That’s where we come to help. We tackle IT concerns promptly, offering customized fixes. Count on us for effective, rapid responses, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

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Professional Services

Keep your IT operations & infrastructures on track within your budget. As a Professional Services partner, we integrate with your core technology stack and maximize resource efficiency. In fact, we cover the whole IT landscape. From Security to Deployment & Migration to Enterprise mobility, we’ve got you covered with exceptional delivery and reliability. 

Managed Services

We offer just the right type of competency and agility you need to keep your infrastructure stable and outgrow your competitors. Our transparent and dependable services cover everything from routine IT & hardware support to full solution implementation & strategic consultation. Simply outsource the services like configuration and monitoring to us, and see your company grow rapidly. 

Staffing Services

Find talent that fits your company’s culture and is actually worth it. In today’s dynamic market, IT excellence demands adaptability and quick hiring. We skillfully navigate this challenging landscape for you and take your IT recruitment to the next level of excellence. Our rigorous screening and trusted selection mechanism are the reasons we’ve maintained a fantastic 98.7% success rate. 

CSP Licensing

Get your business the backing of the licenses it needs to thrive and reach the growth targets you’ve set for it. We enable you to obtain all the necessary CSP licenses to finally access the latest Microsoft software and services. Ultimately, we help you save money and stay up to date with the latest Licensing news and needs. With us, keep faith that no legal hurdles will hold your business back. 

Certified LGBTE/SBE System integrator
Seamlessly blend innovation and diversity into your solutions. Unlock new opportunities with our expertise, driving growth and inclusivity hand in hand.
Strategic Talent Screenings, Partnerships, and Acquisitions
We specialize in addressing contemporary IT challenges with insightful solutions, ensuring your workforce is adept and ready for the digital age.
Remote Workforce Solutions
Forge secure team connections and seamless collaboration through a centralized communication hub.

Popular Services by WME

Migration and Deployment

Our experts create first-rate strategic solutions and help your enterprise successfully migrate & deploy your whole ecosystem. We ensure profitable business outcomes and unlimited growth.

Power Platform Services

We will be the tech-savvy partner you need to leverage the low-code Power Platform to accelerate your business. Moreover, stay up-to-date with the latest developments and features.

Employee Management

We help you maximize the performance of your employees by incorporating industry best practices. Deliver unlimited innovations and build a trusted brand with superior talent.

Microsoft Security & Compliance

We help you build & upgrade your entire Microsoft architecture while maintaining a zero-compromise approach to security. We find weak spots and remove vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

Microsoft Azure Services

Get the freedom to maximize end-to-end monitoring of Microsoft Azure. We enable you to focus on strategic decisions while we take care of Azure customization and risk management.

Microsoft Teams Services

Even the easiest communication apps need proper handling. We simply integrate your meetings and apps to ensure smooth collaboration. Eventually, we transform the Microsoft Teams experience for your entire enterprise.

Microsoft Office 365

Leverage Office365/Microsoft 365 the way the top 5% of Fortune 500 companies are doing. Get the best Office 365 utility, features maximization, benefits, use cases, and whatnot.

Adaxes Workflow Automation

Unravel the power of Active Directory using Softerra Adaxes. We handle sharp-edged AD exchanges of role-based security, task automation, and enforcement rules to deliver a secure employee onboarding process.

Exclusive Benefits with
Windows Management Experts

Significant cost savings on payroll expenses

Reduced rate of employee turnover

Focus more on strategic HR initiatives rather than transactional needs

Complete disclosure & transparent payment without any hidden fees

Enhanced profitability, Optimized Productivity

Flexible team-size choices & organizational structures with a focus on specialized positions and skill sets

Highly skilled & productive employees, always eager to add value

Experts to assist with creating or improving KPIs, ORK, bonus programs, reports, training materials, and world-class documentation

A dedicated fluent English-speaking team working 40 hours per week per member

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