Log an Event when an Advertisement with a Mandatory Assignment is Modified

One of our clients needed to be alerted when an advertisement with a mandatory assignment was modified.  They needed to make sure that no advertisement targeted systems during business hours.  A solution was developed where an event is logged in the application log if an advertisement with a mandatory assignment is modified.  The event description contains advertisement, collection and the start time of the scheduled assignment.  The event can be then watched by System Center Operations Manager to alert the appropriate group.

The solution is based on creating a status filter rule that runs a program.  The rule watches for message ID 30007, which is the message ID for the status message that gets created when an advertisement is modified.

For action, the rule runs a VB script that we developed.

The key for this to work is that the status filter rule passes to the script the advertisement ID.  This is done by passing one argument to the script: %msgdesc

The script uses the advertisement ID to query the SCCM database and determine if it has a mandatory assignment.  If it does, then an event is logged with a description that includes the following:

  • User who modified the advertisement
  • Advertisement ID
  • Advertisement Name
  • SCCM Program referenced by the advertisement
  • Collection ID being targeted
  • Collection name
  • Start time of scheduled assignment (if there is one)

System Center Operations Manager can then monitor the site server for this specific event and take appropriate action.



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