Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Azure AD Connect synchronization status

After basic configuration of Azure AD Connect and the initial synchronization let’s check if we successfully synchronized our on-premise AD accounts to Azure AD.

First, let’s run Azure AD Connect Synchronization Service:

The very first operation is Full import of OU we configured before:

If you click on numbers, you will see the details. In our case it is local AD domain name, Organization Unit path and user accounts this OU contains:

By double clicking on user account you can find additional information like DN, UPN or mail:

The next operation we want to check is Export into Azure AD tenant:

As we see 6 user accounts were successfully exported into Azure AD:

Then I check how user accounts sync looks from Azure AD perspective. Open Azure AD console, click on Azure AD Connect and check the status:

Then scroll down and click on Azure AD Connect Health:

Sync services shows you the status of synchronization:

By double clicking on Service Name you can find additional dashboards with useful information like last sync time, server name where Azure AD Connect installed and active/resolved alerts:

Open Azure AD console, go to Users and in Directory Synced column you see the difference between accounts you created in Azure AD and synchronized from on-premise Active Directory – Synced Yes means this account was synced with Azure AD Connect:

So let me summarize what we have done through this blog series:

Next blogs will explain how to configure MEM policies and Windows 10 enrollment scenarios.

Happy syncing!



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