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Overnight, the business world changed. As companies scrambled to comply with business closures and cutting costs to ride out an economic downturn, work from home, layoffs, furloughs, and hiring freezes all became “normal” conversations in boardrooms and C-suites. There is no doubt your business has felt some impact from the recent Coronavirus pandemic, be it a change in sales volume, hiccups migrating to the cloud, or equipping your managers with the tools and systems needed to oversee their newly-remote teams. The way we did business in Q4 2019 is just not the way we can all do business in Q1 2020. 

Businesses have proven their adaptability and commitment to their customers, and it looks like there may be better times ahead. New data from LinkedIn reports that hiring in the US may have hit its lowest point in mid-April, and suggest many businesses may be on the road to recovery once again. 

As you navigate your business operations through the “new normal,”  your IT staffing needs may expand and contract a few times. Many businesses are turning to staffing services to help contract the IT help needed today, without the cost and risk of hiring full time permanent employees in what is still an uncertain market. 

The WME Standard is Now Available To Hire In-House

Windows Management Experts now offers premium staffing services to help your business succeed in the new economic climate. Whether you need temporary short-term subcontractors to manage helpdesk requests, or a permanent Cloud Solutions Architect to oversee deploying and configuring an Azure infrastructure, Windows Management Experts is your connection to the top talent available for the job. 

With a database of over 20,000 highly qualified and pre-screened professionals all over North America, WME guarantees you will be matched with some of the most talented, in-demand candidates within 72 hours of completing your staffing request. First round interviews are always handled by WME so you can focus on the most attractive and well-suited candidates for the specific job you have. Second- and third-round interviews can be completed by the people who know your business and employee culture best– your internal HR and hiring managers. 

WME Guarantees for Excellence

Ever worry that you may hire a candidate that has personal conflicts or conflicts of interest with other members of your team? Windows Management Experts guarantees that is a concern of the past by ensuring that all candidates are separated by three degrees from your existing staff, reducing your risk of the newest recruit being rejected by other team members for interactions or disagreements under a previous employer they may have shared. 

Once you select a candidate to bring onto your team, WME offers a two-week guarantee period as a “working interview” for the candidate. If it isn’t the right fit within fourteen days, we will replace the candidate at no cost to you. 

Some of the best relationships start off casual. Should your temporary contractor become invaluable to your business, WME offers temp-to-perm conversions with no placement fee after the candidate reaches a milestone in their hours billed. 

WME’s Direct Hire candidate pool is over 35,000 candidates deep. Candidates available for permanent placement staffing consist of diverse candidates all over North America in Network & System Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, Project Managers, and even experienced Directors and C-Level Executives. 

White Label Our Team

In some cases you may need to subcontract an entire project, assist with a client project that requires additional staff, or requires specific expertise. No problem, WME can help with this as well. With WME white label services, partners and vendors can subcontract WME experts to get in, get the job done to the highest standards, and hand off the keys to your team. 

HR By the Hour

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Windows Management Experts staffing services offers more than the average temp agency. As your business bounces back, you may find yourself in need of extra recruiting and application processing to scale up entire teams. WME offers highly trained recruiting professionals on a pay-per-hour basis to assist you in hiring peaks to rapidly and effectively screen, vet, interview, and hire. 

This low-cost solution offers a huge value. Working under the supervision of our EVP of Strategic Services, Vickie Moore, this program can even be utilized to assess and improve upon existing HR methods to ensure best practices in Human Resources and policy documentation are in place. Not only can your existing HR team gain lasting skills from working with our team during hiring spikes, but you get the advantage of not paying high placement fees for salaried hires that come out of the collaboration.  

Don’t Fear Change, Embrace the New Opportunities

While the shape of business is changing, that doesn’t mean the new workforce landscape is all hurdles and challenges to overcome. Looking at some positive developments in employment, we’re seeing huge progress made in workplace accessibility as well as the geographic unanchoring of talent thanks to widespread remote work adoption. Continuing to build on the best parts of the new work landscape will increase diversity in your potential talent pool, as well as enable you to attract and hire the top candidates.  Windows Management Experts’ proprietary talent pool boasts over 35,000 of the most accomplished and qualified IT professionals across North America, so you can hire or contract Silicon Valley level talent to bolster your team in Dayton, Ohio. Embrace the new work landscape and start exploring amazing candidates from Windows Management Experts Strategic Staffing Division, and your business can level up with the best and brightest IT professionals within your reach. 

Don’t wait until the unicorn candidates you need have found their next opportunities. Get ahead of your competition and contact WME today at (888) 307-0133 or email to start planning your new recovery and recruitment strategy. 



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