Remote Workforce: Secrets of Microsoft Teams Superusers Series #1

With the mass adoption of remote work and dispersed teams, you may find your business enjoying the unique perspectives and talents of employees from all over the world. Microsoft is shaking up decades-old beliefs of what the workplace looks like and needs from staff to function. From hosting group video calls and live editing of documents on screen, to quick 1-on-1 calls initiated while live chatting, Microsoft Teams has worked hard to release features that replicate the organic feel of being close to your teammates. 

Inline Message Translation
Sharing a common language, which was once a practical requirement for collaboration in the workplace, is now optional in the digital space. Powered by Microsoft’s expansive Translation Services, Microsoft Teams’ Inline Message Translation empowers users to send messages in the language they best communicate in, and other parties and teammates can have the message translated instantly into their primary language. 

This advanced tool is seeing heavy use in the medical industries, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research, where experts across the world are collaborating to combat and treat the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Cloud Recording with Automatic Transcripts

Now that you have a new global workforce, it’s likely that time zones will prevent all stakeholders or members of a team from being on a video call at once. Or, due to language diversity, team members who were logged in for a Teams meeting or video conference may have missed important details. 

Teams meetings and group calls can be recorded to capture audio, video, and screen-sharing activity. Meeting leaders can toggle a feature for automatic transcription, so that users can play back recordings with closed captions and search for important discussion items in the transcript. Recording is enabled in the Azure cloud and is saved to Microsoft Stream, so it can be shared securely across the organization.

Superusers can then use Microsoft Translation Services to translate the transcript to their native language, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Settings and Permissions Are Everything

Depending on your Microsoft 365 license, not all of these superuser features may be enabled or activated. Working with a respected Microsoft Partner guarantees your team has access to the features and training that will enable your workforce to excel. 

Windows Management Experts has over 100 years of combined experience and passion for transforming our customers’ IT operations and improving their efficiencies through solutions, products, and managed services.  

WME is now offering a workshop series to unlock the potential of your company’s Microsoft Teams strategy. Contact us today or email to register and learn more great superuser secrets your team needs!



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