Teams Premium – what you need to know

Teams Premium is a set of new features that are being introduced by Microsoft to provide users with a more seamless and efficient way to work and collaborate on the Microsoft Teams platform. These new features will provide a number of new capabilities and improvements to the platform, including enhanced security for meetings, meeting templates, and enhanced webinar capabilities. Microsoft also introduced a new Teams Premium license which covers all those features.

New license

The Teams Premium license is the biggest licensing change since Teams was released. It will give you many advanced security features for meetings and webinars, meeting templates, more reporting capabilities, and much more. Some of those features are available as a preview and some are still under development and will be available in the next couple of months.

The license is available as a preview, and you can enable it on your tenant for 30 days (as a trial). You can assign licenses to some users and test features that are enabled today. Some of them will come in weeks or months but there is no strict date. The availability date and price for the final Teams Premium is also not yet released.

Meetings features

Features related to meetings (scheduled, channel, and ad-hoc meetings).

One of the most significant features is the ability to create a custom meeting template. You can create a template with specific settings (for example, enabled auto-recording, and disabled the mic and camera for attendees). The template will be available from the Teams client or the Outlook application, so you don’t need to modify manually meeting settings each time. That’s a great feature for repeating meetings that required custom settings.

Full list of new features:

Customize meeting templates for your organizationavailable
Add organization branding to meeting lobbiesavailable
Customize meeting backgrounds for your organizationavailable
Customize Together mode scenes for your organizationavailable
Read live translated captions during meetingsavailable
Translate post-meeting transcriptionscoming soon
Turn on real-time data storageavailable
Turn on eCDN for Live Eventsavailable

Webinars features

Those features give a huge boost to the webinar interface and presenter capabilities. A new dedicated lobby for webinars (Green Room), a new configuration form, an approval process for attendees, a limit registration date, and more.

Full list of features:

Set up a green room for webinar presentersavailable
Manage attendees’ viewavailable
Send reminder emails to registrantsavailable
Create a webinar wait listavailable
Manually approve registrantsavailable
Limit the day and time when people can registeravailable
Allow registered users to bypass the lobbyavailable
Use RTMP-In for Webinarscoming soon

Meetings protection features

Features related to security are always welcome. Teams Premium will give tools to protect meetings and additional reporting capabilities. For example, watermarks add marks (user email address) on video and shared content to protect it from making unauthorized screenshots or recordings. End-to-end encrypted meetings allow users to secure their meetings and protect their conversations by encrypting the data from the user’s device to the recipient’s device.

Full list of features

Add watermarks to meetingsavailable
End-to-end encryption for meetings with up to 50 attendeesavailable
Control who can recordavailable
Prevent copy/paste in meeting chatsavailable
Assign Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels for meetingsavailable for users with M365 E5
Custom user policy packagesavailable
Turn on advanced meeting monitoring and alertingavailable

Meetings reporting features

Features that help you with your post-meeting tasks. Auto-generated chapters from recordings, advanced search in meeting transcripts, and task auto-generation, just to name a few. Most of the features will be powered by dedicated AI models.

Full list of features.

Navigate meeting recordings with autogenerated chapterscoming soon
View time markers in meeting recordings when you joined or left a meetingcoming soon
Search meeting transcripts with speaker suggestionscoming soon
View and act on autogenerated tasks from meetingscoming soon
View when you were @mentionedavailable

Virtual Appointments features

This section covers features such as SMS notifications, custom waiting rooms, or advanced virtual appointment activity reports. With those features, you will get new tools to work with appointments and monitor them.

Full list of features:

Customize the lobby waiting room with themes and logosavailable
Send SMS notificationsavailable
Chat back and forth with attendees in the lobby waiting roomcoming soon
Organizational and departmental analyticsavailable
View and manage scheduled appointments in the queueavailable
View and manage on-demand appointments in the queueavailable
Send post-appointment follow-upscoming soon

Activating a trial license

The Team Premium is available as a trial license so you can activate it and test available features.

1. Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center (

2. Navigate to Billing and then to the Purchase services section

3. Search for Teams Premium and activate it.

4. If you can’t find it on the page, you can use this link – It will open the activation page when you must provide your e-mail address.

5. Activate the license

6. Assign the license to the specific users

Changes to existing Teams license

Teams Premium is not only about new features. It’s also about changing existing ones!

Microsoft will move the following features from the current Teams license to the premium one:

  •  Live translated captions
  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings for when a user left or joined meetings
  • Custom organization Together mode scenes
  • Virtual Appointments: SMS notifications
  • Virtual Appointments: Organizational analytics in the Teams admin center
  • Virtual Appointments: Scheduled queue view

When the Premium License will be released you will get a 30-day grace period to purchase Teams Premium or your users will lose access to those features.


Teams Premium gives many new features for security, meetings, and other areas. It moves Teams meetings and webinars to a new level. The best way to check if you need those features is to activate the trial license to check them. It’s also very important to review those features that will be moved to the premium license.


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