Windows 10 – Security features

Security threats and breaches are becoming a “norm” into today’s IT environments. When I discuss EMS solutions with customers I always try to inquire about any potential Windows 10 transitions. My goal is not only sell a Windows 10 but rather discuss the rich security features of Windows 10 that can help. Windows 10 combined with EMS features such as Windows Defender ATP can provide an effective security solution to protect against breaches and other threats.

One of the biggest security issues that I’ve seen with Windows 10 is that customers don’t always have an effective security plan. Low level attacks such as root kits can easily be thwarted using Secure Booting in Windows 10. Secure Boot provides integrity validation which ensures that boot functions aren’t tampered with.

Still typing in that password at login? HELLO, those days are over with the HELLO biometric security feature. If your computer was shipped with biometric hardware, you can use your fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition to sign in locally to the machine. You can also use a PIN to sign in to the machine as well.

Laying under the hood of Windows 10 is the addition of virtualization based security(VBS) which makes it harder for attacks against parts of the operating systems. VBS creates an isolated environment for securing and transferring data throughout the system. Hackers commonly use rootkits to penetrate operating systems. VBS is hardware enforced meaning that unless a flaw is found in the hardware, rootkits would be nearly impossible to execute. Windows 10 is a vast improvement from it’s predecessors from a security perspective and will only get better with each continuous release.


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