WME Adds Mechanical Engineering to Staffing Services

As an IT services provider, we are proud to be part of the ongoing digital revolution. However, we are mindful that not all jobs of the future are strictly in information technology, systems architecture, or software development and design. Robotics and automation, medical devices, biotech, and aerospace are driving the growth of mechanical engineering jobs in both the tech and manufacturing industries. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Mechanical Engineering to our premium staffing services.

Many unskilled workers in tech and manufacturing are wary of the impact robotics and automation will have on their jobs, but generally speaking, mechanical engineers have a more positive outlook on the future.

“We’d actually be designing and building that robot, if you think about it,” Israr Kabir, Business Development Manager of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, said in an interview. “Because of the level of thought required — there’s a lot of in-depth thinking from a technical and mathematical standpoint — it’s not really a job that could be easily automated.”

If the outlook is positive…

Why Are Mechanical Engineers Challenging Jobs to Fill? 

While demand for mechanical engineers is growing, supply has lagged. A 2015 SHRM report  estimated that almost 27% of workers in manufacturing industries will leave the workforce by 2026, as Baby Boomers and even the oldest Generation X workers retire. In a 2019 Glassdoor survey on Gen Z work trends, “software engineer” was the most in-demand job among young applicants, accounting for 19% of job applications; mechanical engineering roles accounted for only 2% of Gen Z applications over the same period. 

An experience gap may be one of the key issues for companies and applicants alike. With many senior engineers leaving the workforce, companies may find themselves fighting harder and offering extreme salary packages to attract the best talent available to fill those positions. They may find that there are simply not enough senior-level candidates on the market. To further complicate the process, the average HR department may not know enough about the many specializations, skill sets, and nuanced roles of mechanical engineers to accurately funnel the best applications to hiring managers.

Another potential complication is that once a great engineer has found a position, they are unlikely to continue actively applying for jobs. Therefore, your open positions are limited to those who are on the job market at the same time your role is open. 

Faced with these obstacles, you may think your options are limited for filling open mechanical engineering positions, but that’s not the case. 

WME Can Help to Fill Mechanical Engineering Jobs Faster

Windows Management Experts now offers premium placement services for the expert engineering talent you need. Our new staffing services in mechanical engineering connect you to a network of top mechanical engineering talent that are passive candidates rather than active candidates, widening your reach substantially. 

WME’s expert recruiters have a deep understanding of the highly specific skill sets of mechanical engineers, and offer flexibility in placing talent on a contract, contract-to-hire, or direct placement arrangement. 

WME can quickly provide expert candidates in the following focus areas:

• Bioengineering

• Manufacturing & Materials

• Combustion

• Mechanics & Vibration

• Computational Engineering

• Nanotechnology

• Design

• Robotics

• Fluid Mechanics

• Solid Mechanics

• Heat Transfer

• Systems, Measurement & Controls

• HVAC & Refrigeration

As with our IT staffing and placement services, the WME Standard requires all candidates to undergo a three-step interview and screening process including vetting with WME internal Sr. Architects, drug screening and background checks, reference checks, personality assessments, and hands-on skills assessments as needed. 

The “industry standard” is to conduct a single layer of screening before passing the candidate along to hiring managers. However, WME’s thorough pre-screening process offers stronger candidates and therefore a better value to you. By only putting the best candidates for the specific role in front of you, we go above and beyond to fill your role and respect your valuable time. 

Staffing and placement services through WME are a great option for your open mechanical engineering roles because we offer 24- to 72-hour turnaround time for most roles upon completion of a new order (your open role) qualification, and a 2-week satisfaction guarantee. If the new hire is not a good fit for whatever reason within the first two weeks, WME will replace the candidate for you at no cost. 

Get ahead of your competition by letting WME bring the best talent to you for your mechanical engineering vacancies. Contact us today at 888-307-0133 to speak with one of our mechanical engineering experts about your staffing strategy and needs. 



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