Bulk enrollment in Azure AD and Intune

In a previous blog I explained how to enroll Windows 10 into Microsoft Intune manually. You can prepare a guide with screenshots and send it to your users or...
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7 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Ransomware Protection
#1 Does this protection use backups or hidden files?
Naive ransomware protection uses backup or hidden files as core to their protection. The one relies on the attacker...
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Disable Deployment in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Update 2103)

Starting with version 2103,we can disable application deployments. Previously, we used to expire or delete the deployment temporarily and henceforth, we can use this...

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Manual Self-Enrollment in Intune – Azure AD Join
As you remember from our previous post, we enabled automatic Windows 10 enrollment for all users. This means if a user has a corporate device with...
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