WME Tech Bites – February 2023

MS Endpoint Management – Patch Management Strategies – Part 3
In the previous part we covered the topic of how we would look to structure out our collections, which is quite important for the foundation for this next area in which we are going to dive into which...

Disabling Extensions for Chrome/Firefox Browsers using MECM
One requirement that I have started to see more and more is the controlling of the use of extensions within web browsers due to various exploits which can be exposed when using this, and though...

Application Group Deployment using SCCM
In this post, we will go through the steps to deploy multiple applications as a group to users and devices collection. Previously, we need to create separate deployment for each application and now, we can create single deployment for...

Teams Premium – what you need to know
Teams Premium is a set of new features that are being introduced by Microsoft to provide users with a more seamless and efficient way to work and collaborate on the Microsoft Teams platform. These new...

Protect Teams meetings with Watermarks
Teams Premium license introduced many new features for Teams meetings. Some of them can help you protect your information during meetings. You can use end-to-end data encryption during...

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