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Modern businesses are relentlessly looking for ways to innovate themselves. SharePoint Business Process Automation (BPA) is one such technology that is making their lives easier. No doubt, SharePoint is a whole world of productivity that’s allowing automations, intranet building, news and whatnot.

However, SharePoint BPA is one step ahead of all other SharePoint utilities. It’s helping businesses ace the competition and is literally proving to be a game-changer for business workflow innovation.

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Microsoft 365 is diverse enough to enrich the capabilities of many types of private businesses. It complements users, applications, networks, devices, and whatnot. However, Microsoft 365 cybersecurity is often compromised and there are countless ways that have been reported so far. One of the hottest gateways to these attacks on Microsoft 365 is through on-premises infrastructure.

Building on all these developments, cloud computing is helping businesse of every size and niche. These businesses are implementing hyper-productive use cases i.e. big data, backups, virtual desktops, coding platforms, and whatnot.

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The corporate world is evolving fast. And with that, mobile devices are spreading everywhere. As we venture into the year 2024, they have already claimed a substantial 55% share of the total corporate device ecosystem.

You can say a seismic shift is underway and mobile phones have already become the dominant force. And, they are eclipsing the once-everywhere laptops.

Now, that means organizations need to carefully monitor the security of these devices. It has become extremely critical to scrutinize how users employ them to access and manipulate sensitive corporate data.

At the heart of this transformation lies the indispensable role of Microsoft Intune. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll talk about everything related to Microsoft Intune. It’s going to be a full-fledged guide.

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In the realm of data protection, the choice between Windows Server Backup (WSB) and third-party backup solutions is a critical decision.

Backup and Recovery solutions are crucial to maintaining the integrity of your data and operations. While numerous third-party backup solutions are available on the market, 

Windows users can use the built-in backup and recovery solution to protect their files and systems. This solution is called Windows Server Backup (WSB).

This blog explores the pros and cons of both, aiming to help you make an informed choice tailored to your data protection needs. From the built-in simplicity of Windows Server Backup to the advanced features of third-party backup solutions, let’s navigate the landscape of data backup and recovery solutions.

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The need to use cloud computing and make it all secure has never been more pronounced. Organizations are fast turning to the cloud to fulfill their computing needs and their concerns for the security of the data are also mounting.

More than 90% of organizations using the cloud are 

somewhat anxious about the security of their data and apps. Well, this should not be surprising when at least one in four organizations has weathered a cloud security incident within the past year alone.

The stage is set. Let’s find answers to all the hot questions related to cloud security. You’ll get to know the security risks associated with the cloud, understand the threat landscape, and discover the qualities of the best MSPs.

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Microsoft SharePoint is an online collaboration platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. You can use it to store, organize, share, and access information online. SharePoint enables collaboration and content management and ultimately allows your teams to work together more effectively.

Microsoft offers different versions of SharePoint.  The versions include SharePoint Server (deployed on-premises) and SharePoint Online (a cloud-based service as part of Microsoft 365).

Robust security measures prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of data breaches. Your aim should be to ensure the confidentiality of critical business information.

This blogpost is your guide through the complexities of SharePoint security.

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